Sunday, 5 February 2017

Has Brexit empowered Anti-Cymraeg sentiments?

There has always been a fair number of Xenophobes and down right Racist  throughout these Islands, and we must accept Wales has more than its fair share of them.

I don't think I am alone in thinking that  Brexit has given them a boost and allowed them to voice their vile opinions openly.

It has also allowed the media and even main stream politicians  to make xenophobic comments believing that Brexit has killed of what they regard as the PC Brigade

It also seems that Brexit has empowered the Anti- Cymraeg sentiments  and opened  the door for them hem to attack our language 

It surfaced in the Radio Programme any question to put forward  this question last week

 17 hours ago17 hours agoMoreGiven current financial restraints which would the panel prioritise for extra funding in Wales. The Welsh language or care budget?
It is very rare for questions of a Welsh nature to be asked on this programme even when it comes from Wales and you can't help thinking the  BBC are deliberately stirring up trouble

It comes after the Television equivalent Question Time allowed a question on the  council's proposal to change the language category of Llangennech schools to Welsh medium/

The agenda included a raft of questions concerning the council's proposal to change the language category of Llangennech schools to Welsh medium

I am not saying that these questions shouldn't be asked but they seem designed  to deliberately stir up Anti- Cymraeg sentiments .

It is not only in the BBC that we are seeing a rise in Anti-Cymraeg sentiments

The worrying thing for me is that the Labour representative  Nia Griffiths seemed reluctnt to stand up for the language and leads me to wonder if they are reverting back to thier old Anti-Cymraeg ways believing it is a stick to attack Plaid Cymru.

Lately A former councillor for the Lib Dems in Cardiff  1988-2012 and an ex-Mayor of the city – Jacqui Gasson seems to think she can now portray her true feelings over Cymraeg
Which is even more t seem to be a little worrying, when one considers the attitude to the Welsh language displayed in these tweets and posts.


As a non Welsh speaker I have no problem with signs  in Cymraeg and am at least "familiar " with the language  you would suspect after 50 years she would be also.

This led to the usual Ant-Cymraeg trolling

One wonders to what extent  this view is shared other Liberal Democrats in Wales as I have not seen any reaction  from them maybe Peter Black can tell us what he thinks?

I hope that this rise in Anti-Cymraeg voices will be seen by progressives not only in Wales but throughout the UK as an example of the Xenophobia and Racism  that Brexit has let grow like a weed in what we hoped was a tolerant  and friendly garden.


Leigh Richards said...

Alas it won't only be the Welsh language that is going to face an assault from the assorted 'little englanders' who make up a significant portion of the brexiters. Welsh devolution is also an anathema to some of these people and we can now expect these bigoted rabble to step up their long war of attrition against welsh democracy.

Leigh Richards said...

Interestingly - and perhaps ominously too - i recently chanced upon a discussion in a facebook group where a staffer for a UKIP member of the Senedd revealed he has been looking into the sources of any funds Cymdeithas yr Iaith has received, presumably in an effort to unearth something that could be used to attack them (he didn't find any such thing of course).

But it is very disturbing that people who are employed by UKIP in Wales should be engaged in activities like this. If Cymdeithas would like to see the relevant screenshots i'd be very happy to pass them on.