Friday, 24 February 2017

Ann Clwyd call for a EU Brexit Veto is not going to help Remainers one bit.

I am not sure that Ann Clwyd, Labour MP for Cynon Valley, Petition to allow citizens to vote on any Brexit deal after negotiations are concluded is the right action or wise
Her call for protections to be put in place for UK citizens working in EU countries and EU citizens the right move  buy the argument that

“The European Parliament must give its consent by a simple majority to the withdrawal agreement negotiated by the UK and the EU. It’s a very significant power...
“The [European Parliament] is going to be important in determining the final withdrawal agreement. It has to receive regular information on its progress and the Council of Ministers needs to obtain the European Parliament’s consent...
“It has the right to withhold consent to the final consent to the final agreement so it’s got a lot of political leverage to influence the agreement [which] in effect makes it a veto player.”
"If a majority of the European Parliament don't like it they can in effect veto negotiations. I think that's a very big power.
"When the true implications of withdrawal are known a lot of people will change their minds."
 What could she imagine would be the reaction be if the EU were to veto Brexit. Even many Remainers would be angry and it would I believe  lead to a huge Anti-EU backlash.

The right of succession must surely rest with the state seeking it. Ms Clwyd's plan seems similar to those who call for a  vote by the whole of the UK  on a Scottish Independence Referendum.

Ms Clwyd is also urging MEPs to invite Prime Minister Theresa May to address them.
She said:
 "The referendum was advisory and we should have looked at the advice, but still properly considered the implications of leaving the EU, which weren't clear to any of us - elected politicians didn't know."
"We here in the UK parliament are still finding out about it. We know, just in the last few days, we may have to pay an enormous bill if we exit the EU."
Leaving the EU would be detrimental to the Cynon Valley and the rest of Wales, 
 A spokesman for the Department for Exiting the EU said: 

"The prime minister has been clear we want to protect the status of EU nationals already living in the UK.
"The only circumstances in which that wouldn't be possible is if British citizens' rights in the EU were not protected in return."
This does  seem that the UK government are holding other EU Nationals living here to ransom.

I believe Brexit is a foolhardy move based on lies . I also am unconvinced  that all those who voted for it did so expecting the Hard Brexit  that the Tories are pushing through Parliament.

But if there is any move to stop it then it must come from the electors of these Islands, I hope it happens and that it becomes clear that a majority are not happy with the result of any negotiations . But Ms Clwyd seeming call for the EU withhold consent to the final consent to the final agreement  is not going to make our task easier


Anonymous said...

The EU cannot veto Brexit. They can refuse to agree the terms of the new agreement, this is the same as WM refusing tbe terms of the new deal. WTO terms are the default option.

Understanding this arrangement is simple. Why then is everyone trying to make it complicated. Brexit means your leaving. The terms of a new deal, if, any have to be agreed. If there is no agreement then its WTO. Simples.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Sadly for those of us who voted to remain, there seems to be little possibility of the Tory government and their friends in Labour applying the breaks to the Brexit roller coaster.

As far as Ann Clwyd's comment regarding the implications of leaving the EU, 'which weren't clear to any of us - elected politicians didn't know', are concerned, she really needs to wake up.

This after all is the same Ann Clwyd who vigorously supported Tony Blair's illegal war based on his dodgy dossier and who still insists that it was right to invade Iraq, in spite of the ongoing tragedy in that country.