Thursday, 31 October 2013

Spanish Parties seek to deny Catatonian aspirations.

Whatever you think about the massive power the UK sate has against the Yes campaign in Scotland with a compliant media including the supposedly  unbiased BBC reined against those arguing for a yes vote . At least the SNP with it majority in the Scottish Parliament (even though the voting system was supposed to prevent this) were not prevented from calling for an election.

According to the Blog Nationalia Three out of four Spanish national parties represented in the Congress of Deputies (Parliament's lower chamber) have  passed a motion seeking to prevent Catalonia from calling a referendum on self-determination next year

The rulimg Popular Party (PP) and the main opposition  Socialist Party (PSOE) gave their support to a text introduced by Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD) party, in which it is said that "in no case, any part of the [Spanish] citizenship can decide on the State's territorial organization, or on any other aspect or provision of the Constitution, excluding the others from this eventual decision". The motion continues by stating that "splitting up the citizenship" or "redefining the subject of national sovereignty, which is none other than the Spanish people", cannot be accepted.

This is basically a denial of Catalonia's right to Self-Determination.

The instigators Union, Progress and Democracy a Spanish political party founded in September 2007.
It isclaims to be a social liberal and federal  party. But  UPyD rejects the non-Spanish nationalisms such as the Basque and Catalan nationalism[ and wants to change the electoral law that allegedly favours regionalist parties from Spain's autonomous communities. Instead, it wants to strengthen the central government and the concept of a unitary Spanish nation.
The party actually has a core in the Basque country but little support there.
It looks like Spanish Nationalism has learned nothing from History.and that it still seeks to deny Catalan and the Basque country its own future playing into the arms of extremist
But the worrying part of this is that there are sections within Spain who will see this as legitimising military action by the Spanish State against the Basque or Catalonians if they chose to vote for independence.
Catalonia and the Basque country are probably more likely to vote for independence than Scotland this sort of action makes it even more certain.


Anonymous said...

When are Plaid AMs going to table a motion in the Assembly calling on Spain to recognise the UN Convention on self-government and allow the Catalans a free, democratic peacful referendum on independence? If the unionist parties vote against this then they are voting against the UK's own fair and democratic approach to Scotland's referendum.

Why not Plaid? Come on Plaid. There are voices in Spain talking of sending the tanks into Barcelona so this isn't an obscure issue - there is a possibility of military conflict in Spain.

glynbeddau said...

I think that this should be a call made in the European Union rather than the Assembly . We will then find out who the true democratic parties are. But Plaid should make this call.