Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Quebec: Charter of Values not as liberal on second glance,

At First glance the proposal of a charter of values by the ruling he Parti Quebecoisharter of Quebec Values, looks like the sort of thing a secularist like myself would have no problem endorsing. 
Here’s a quick look at what the government’s five proposals:
  1. Enshrine the questions of religious accommodation in the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms by outlining the separation of religion and state, the religious neutrality of the state and the secular nature of its institutions, taking into account our common historical heritage;
  2.  Ensure that religious neutrality for government employees in the performance of their duties is established in law;
  3.  Outline what is considered conspicuous religious symbols for government employees during working hours (the proposal is subject to a right of withdrawal for a period of up to five years, renewable for certain sectors);
  4.  Ensure that the face is visible when giving or receiving government services;
  5.  Establish a policy to implement the religious neutrality of the state and the management of religious accommodation for government agencies.
  6. But when you look at what they are really talking about it becomes yet another attack in Muslim women who wear clothes associated with Islam.
But when you see what they are really referring to it looks like more on Muslim Women wearing clothing associated with that religion

Take a look at a poster produced by the Parti Quebecois to illustrate what would be considered conspicuous religious symbols.

 What conspicuous religious symbols the Quebec government suggests are acceptable and unacceptable for government employees to wear.
Quebec is not alone in this  can see the argument against face covering when dealing with government employees which seems a popular move by Western Governments but I wonder in the Whole of the Western Democracy how many female government employees where dress such as a
  Burqas or niqab ?“But what stands out is basically that everything that’s headwear like a turban, kippa or hijab will be forbidden,”

As a secularist I approve of the separation of state and any religion but not when it is used to endorse a policy to attack clothing which is part of someones religion I think that Quebec and other governments must think again
A ban on someone wearing clothing where they face is visible has merit and even some Muslim countries have done this,
But when it is extended to head scarves we are entering into areas of prejudice