Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Labour face crucial Cardiff Council By-elections.

There will son be be two by-elections on Cardiff soon! Cllrs Luke Holland  (Splot) and Phil Hawkings (Riverside) are standing down ,

Perhaps the real  interest will be if the Plaid  and the Liberal Democrats can resist the temptation to agree to not to contest the seats they have no chance or winning but the other clearly has

Riverside will be Plaids target

.They won al Three seats in 20008 only to lose one in a byelection in  and the other two in 2011

Nevertheless they should have high hopes of winning again

Party vote 2012

Lab 1731,1555,1431
Plaid 1153,9444,940

The others had less than 300 votes.

In Splot it should  be  between Labour and the Libdems  they one of the three seats in 2008 but Labour rook al three in 2011

Lab 1686,1624,1432
LibDems 1055,805,775

Again the other came nowhere.

So will there  be a "agreement  participially if the elections are on the same day.

Looking at the figures  Plaid should be confident in Riverside with or without Libdem intervention  but the LibDems may have to struggle more.

So I can't see Anti Labour pact that can  be used against Plaid by Labour in Wales.

But these will  be By-elections to keep our eyes on.


Silurian Republican said...

I had suggested at the beginning of the the last administration that there should have been an electoral pact between the LibDems and Plaid Cymru if this coalition was truly based on a set of common purposes and just a marriage of convenience. What I predicted would happen did!, and both Plaid and Liberals lost seats they did not have to, Butetown was the other. So it makes me wonder whether the pact as a happy one?

glynbeddau said...

I don't like the idea of electoral pacts It seems a bit dishonest and deprive those who support a party for a particular reason from voting for them. But our FPTP system does make them more attractive

Of course if we had STV for council elections(at the very least) as they have in Scotland and Northern Island there would be no need for such a pact..

Though Parties will adjust their number of candidates and maybe tacitly endorse one from another party.