Friday, 4 October 2013

What has the Daily Mail editor have against the Tory Party.

I can't see Ed Miliband giving a victory speech after winning the 2013 General Election thanking Paul Dacre and Lord Rothermere but they could well prove to be responsible for him entering No 10

It as all but  demolished any publicity the Conservatives may have had  during their conference by it  attack on Ralph Miliband   the father of Ed and the claim that he  "Hated" Britain

Ralph Miliband attacked as anti –patriotic yet he escaped from  Fascist Europe and enlisted in the Royal Navy to fight Hitler. Whilst the Mail and Rothermere father  had previously cheered Oswald Mosely Blackshirts

As many have pointed to be accused of being anti-patriotic from a paper that was pro-fascist and sympathetic to Hitler, Mussolini and advocated appeasement takes  to a new level.

It was compounded after it emerged that the Mail on Sunday sent a reporter to a memorial service for his late uncle seeking reaction to the Daily Mail's earlier attack on Ed Miliband  Father
Mail on Sunday editor Geordie Greig took the rare step of issuing an "unreserved" personal apology to Miliband on Tuesday, conveyed personally to ED Miliband, came within an hour of Miliband dragging Rothermere, the Daily Mail & General Trust chairman, into the row by writing him a letter urging the proprietor to mount an immediate investigation into the conduct of his titles.
But the most notable thing about the apology was the speculation that Dacre, the Daily Mail editor and editor-in-chief of both Mail titles, had initially insisted that it should not be made.
If Ralph Miliband hated Britain it was the Britain of Class and privilege illustrated by the then Mail editor Rothermere.
Mind you to read John Redwood and the comments placed on his take  on the story I doubt if Tory supporters will only be angry that its eclipsed their conference not the attack on Ed Milibands father.

But one final word . The attack on Ralph Miliband  was disgraceful but no less disgraceful was Labour Scottish Leader  Johanne Lamont delivered an attack on the “politics of nationalism”. in which she appears to have linked the SNP with European Fascism  

She described 
a “virus that has affected so many nations and done so much harm”

Perhaps Ed Miliband can apologise for this slur conducted by senior member of his party on democratic and peaceful Nationalist in these Islands.  


Anonymous said...

You're right about Labour's SNP slur - same tactic Labour used with Welsh Mirror and over the decades to misconstrue, mis-quote, misrepresent what Welsh nationalists have said.

The Mail was right to highlight Miliband's views - but quoting the musings of a 17 year old was cheap.

I'd also disagree that Miliband Jnr isn't patriotic. From where I'm standing as a Welshman he seems every bit a British nationalist as they next man. He's against Scottish independence ergo he's a British nationalist. He's not racist, he's not anti Scottish (or Welsh) he's not a xenophobe but he's still a British nationalist.

Anonymous said...

Here's a little test for your readers, how many ex-Labour MPs can you spot in those pictures of the Blackshirts. No Tories, Liberals, Plaid or SNP but Labour certainly.

Anonymous said...

Anon 09:52 - c'mon, don't be coy, are there ex Labour MPs there or not?

glynbeddau said...

Well there Mosley certainly but he had also been a Conservative MPn John Beckett (Gateshead) 1924-31 and Robert Forgan West Renfrewshire 1929-31) were ex Labour MPs and others had fliterd with Moseley New Party. But the bulk of his support came from the hierarchy that the Daily Mail represented.Y you can see a list here

and make your own mind out where is support came from