Saturday, 26 October 2013

Alun Davies . Can he "Walk the Walk"

Welsh government minister Alun Davies  has been criticised for giving "evasive" answers to an assembly committee.
The assembly's environment committee said Natural Resources s gave them contradictory information about his portfolio.
Members condemned his department for financial management and planning failures, including "basic errors" in its draft budget.
In a letter to the Finance Committee about the Natural Resources department's budget, the AMs said:
He can Talk the Talk but can he Walk the Walk?
 "We are disappointed with the timeliness of information provided by the minister, and the oral evidence session, where a number of questions were evaded or contradictory information provided.
"We believe that this is an indicator of problems at the heart of financial management and planning of this department and we will continue to keep a very close eye on these issues both in-year and at future budget rounds.
"We believe the department's approach to financial management hinders general transparency. We are therefore unable to assess whether the budget is appropriately prioritised and is providing value for money
If you think this is just opposition members having a go at Labour Minister think again . For  Carwyn Jones and his government half of the members on the environment committee represent Labour.

Back in July 2012 Alun Davies was expressing a high opinion of himself.

Then in a response  Plaid Cymru dubbing the Labour party “clueless” for excluding the Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) and the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) from the Rural Development Plan Task and Finish Group, on Ynys Mon

He struck back,
"Plaid Cymru have got a cheek. I've spent most of the last year clearing up the mess left by my Plaid predecessor.
“From the bungled introduction of Glastir to their failure to represent Welsh farmers in Europe to a food strategy with no actions, no targets and no direction".
It seems another year on he's still having a job getting to grips with his portfolio.

Mr Davies was  once a high profile Plaid Member before jumping ship and finding a safe Labour seat with Labour in Blaneau Gwemt

A believer in aggressive politics he loves attacking his former party

IBut now beginning to look like he's not up to the job . Plaid might be relieved that he's not sitting amongst thier numbers in the Assembly.

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