Saturday, 3 November 2012

Powell for the People (or his party)?

Wales on line reports that..... 

Voters delivered a resounding “yes” to retaining Pontypridd’s beloved paddling pool at yesterday’s referendum. hey say 
Despite the dreary weather conditions, 2,077 voted in favour of keeping the pool as part of the town’s multi-million pound lido plans, with just 151 suggesting the pool should be removed.

However with only 9% of Pontypridd Town Council voters turning  out for the community poll, which was held in 27 stations between 4pm and 9pm yesterday resounding is hardly the word I would use

Though I suspect the majority of people would like to see the free paddling pool which was in the park where the swings were and parents could sit on the grass and watch their children either in the pool or playing around it.

Unfortunately this can not really be claimed resounding.

Cynics may believe that the poll had more to do with local Liberal Democrats trying to to gain publicity for themselves an pushing  an expensive poll which was non binding and which asked a question guaranteed to have a majority votes in favour.

Th campaign manager Karen Roberts lives in  Clydach Vale far from the park and although this does not mean she should have a say it does look like a bit of Lib Dems picking up a popular cause to seek publicity as admittedly all Parties do.

Sole Lib Dem R,C,T councillor Mike Powell, of the Trallwn ward ( a superb self publicist), had campaigned for several months to keep the paddling pool, which he believes is a vital tourist attraction in its own right.

He said: 

“The residents of the Pontypridd Town Council area have sent an unequivocal message to the county council who want to take away their paddling pool. Hands off!
“The council say they had consulted widely on their plans, but only 609 people visited the Pontypridd regeneration exhibition over four days.
“They were not asked any direct questions or indeed had any explanations presented regarding the plans.
In this he's right and R.C.T have behaved badly over this and the latest Pravda on the Rates poured scorn on objectors and try giving the impression that the Splash area would be free,

I spent many happy days with my family in Ynysangharad Park in the Late 50's and early 60's, Playing in the pool with my brothers and sisters with my Brothers and Sisters and then having a picnic with our mother on the grass.

When we were older we moved to the Lido next door .

The Plans  for the replacement call for a splash area. Where toddlers can play but older children will be unable to swim as I did.
Artist's impression of how the lido would look

Whilst I think the referendum was the wrong option the cause was right but because such a low turn out on a the fact that the  poll was s not legally binding, and although Councillor Powell claims that 
 morally the council surely have an obligation to the people they purport to represent and should take their opinions on board.
It is unlikely to have little effect.

The Lib Dems should be congratulated in taking a lead in this, but they have used a great deal of the Town Council sparse resources to prove their point and to raise their profile and could well have achieved no effect.

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