Thursday, 29 November 2012

All Parties in Wales should treat Welsh equally.

The Western Mule reports that  Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws has published a set of proposed new standards that will force public bodies to increase significantly their commitment to providing services in Welsh.

Ms Huws’ report – Standards Relating to the Welsh Language: the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Proposals –sets out a detailed list of 37 standards, which could become legal requirements by 2014.

The report repeatedly states that “the Welsh language must be treated no less favourably that the English language.”

The document means that in future Welsh speakers could expect to receive correspondence and phone calls in Welsh, along with accessing Welsh-speaking doctors and carers.

Signage, corporate slogans and websites will all be affected by the new requirements and firms not complying could face a fine of £5,000

Expect the Anti-Welsh Backlash on the Mules comments page.

But we should expect our AMs to accept the report and implement in .

However before they do so they should see that they respective Parties act in faith and ensure " the Welsh language must be treated no less favourably that the English language.”

This means every Political party in Wales should make sure that...

  • Their Websites are fully bilingual and accessible in Welsh and English
  • Leaflets that are produced these Parties are Bilingual 
  • Posters are Bilingual
  • Their correspondence is accessible in Welsh as well as England.
  • From Holyhead to Chepstow  they treat the Welsh language equally.

Prehaps there could be help given to smaller Parties like the Greens and Independents  to ensure they can translate Leaflets.

How can the Assembly legislate for public bodies to provide services they own Party is not prepared to carry out ? Anything less is unacceptable..

And Yes I note that this Blog is in English only but I'm a  Monoglot Individual and not a organisation..


Cibwr said...

I work for a large utility company in Cardiff, we have a Welsh team who answer calls in Welsh (on a dedicated phone line) and who produce correspondence in Welsh. There is a Welsh language section on the public website of the company - but it just promotes the Welsh language phone line. The company is making a massive investment in its website, which will enable customers to do increasing amounts of business (and reduce the need to call a contact centre) on line. However this is monolingual. It would be quite an effort to render the pages bilingually and I suspect this is where the real battles over the language will be held. Companies will need to do more than have some Welsh speaking staff and bilingual bills.

maen_tramgwydd said...

From the Language Commissioner's website:

"2011 Measure: private companies and third sector organizations

The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 establishes a framework to impose a duty on some private companies and third sector organizations to comply with standards, and gives the Commissioner the power to require a company or an organization to comply with a standard.

A list of the types of private companies and third sector organizations that come under the Measure is available in Schedules 6–8 of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 (link on the right).

Organizations that will be required to comply with a standard will receive a compliance notice from the Commissioner."

It is a comprehensive Measure, which is to be welcomed, and a significant step in giving Welsh a status it has hitherto been denied.

I've visited patients at many hospitals in South Wales, and had outpatients appointments, and there is virtually no provision for Welsh. Indeed, one will see more bilingual signage at the local Tesco. It is a travesty for which the NHS, historically, is answerable. I hope that the Commissioner, using her powers, will be able to change the outlook of the various Health Boards.

I agree with Cibwr, that many battles lie ahead.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful also is the total absence of a single word of Welsh on the WRU website. The FAW does rather better in this regard.

glynbeddau said...

Anon Its about time the WRU woke up. Mind you the English is bloody awful . Perhaps a look at a Welsh Language option might make them look a maling the English one more use friendly?
We wpild all benefit then.

Alun said...

"And Yes I note that this Blog is in English only but I'm a Monoglot Individual and not a organisation."

No need to be apologetic for that Glyn. In fact your strong support for the language despite being monolingual is a credit to you and makes the case for Welsh even stronger.