Monday, 26 November 2012

Catalan Elections see Left Nationalist make gains.

The result of the Parliamentary Elections saw the main Catalan Party  CiU lose  12 seats but before Unionist and the Guardian  claim this a setback for Separatists. They had better look at the other "Nationalist Parties all on  the Left who won 37 a gain of 13 easily given the pro-independence referendum Parties a clear majority.
 Summary of the 25 November 2012 Parliament of Catalonia elections results
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PartyPopular voteSeats
Convergence and Union
Convergència i Unió - CiU
Republican Left of Catalonia
Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya - ERC
Socialists of Catalonia Party
Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya - PSC
People's Party of Catalonia
Partit Popular Català - PPC
Initiative for Catalonia Greens - United and Alternative Left
Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds - Esquerra Unida i Alternativa - ICV-EUiA
Citizens – Party of the Citizenry
Ciutadans – Parti de la Ciutadania - C's
Popular Unity Candidates
Candidatures d'Unitat Popular - CUP
Catalan Solidarity for Independence
Solidaritat Catalana per la Independencia - SI
Other parties
Blank votes52,8991.45-1.46
Valid votes3,572,31997.67+1.29
Invalid votes85,1312.33-1.29
Totals and voter turnout3,657,45069.56+10.78135

Indeed a quick analyst seems to show  adrift from the moderate Convergence and Union
Convergència i Unió - CiU which up to now have ben content with the status Quo  towards Parties that want Independence.

Indeed with CiU needing coalition partners  and the Republican Lft of CataloniaEsquerra Republicana de Catalunya - ERC doing so well they will probably enter into a coalition with the aim of calling  an Independence referendum 

The Unionist Parties  saw the Socialist PSC  lose 8 seats  the Conservative PPC lose 8 and the Spanish Unionist Party Citizens – Party of the CitizenryCiutadans – Parti de la Ciutadania - C's gain 6.

So the election largely saw  a swing to left wing parties on the Nationalist Side and right wing Parties on the Unionist side .

So whilst there was no real gain in the Pro-Nationalist camp ( I make it one)  there is a clear mandate for an independence referendum.

With the Basque country seeing a similar swing from the establishment  Parties that claim to be Nationalist but were content with the Status Quo . There are now three regions of Europe , The Basque Country , Catalonia and Scotland  and (maybe Flanders)  seeking to hold referendums in the next 5 years. We are now heading for a new Period of National Independence Movements  . How far behind will Wales allow itself to be.

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