Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Four AMs show courage on Mental Health Stigma.Whose that on the right?

If a MP or AM were to announce that they had beaten Cancer . They would receive admiration and congratulations from us irrespective of their political allegiance.

If he or she had announced they overcome acute depression unfortunately the result would not be so positive.

So it is welcome the Four of our MPs  Eluned Parrott, LibDEm  Ken SkatesLab, David Melding Con and Llyr Huws Gruffydd  Plaid have spoken about they own battles with Mental Illness.

The four have written publicly of their experiences of mental illness in a bid to tackle the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems.on the Time to Change Wales website.

The posts come ahead of a National Assembly debate to be held on Wednesday calling on the Welsh Government to acknowledge the discrimination faced by people with mental health problems.

In the blogs, Eluned Parrott, Ken Skates, David Melding and Llyr Huws Gruffydd talk about Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), depression and post-natal depression and the issues they faced surrounding their illnesses including whether to disclose it to employers or family, the fear of prejudice and the symptoms experienced.

The AMs all deserve our praise for the courage in speaking out and making  a contribution to what is still a stigma .

We need to realise the illness part of Mental Illness and place that clear in out minds and we mist include alcoholism in this for it to is an illness .

Our AMs and MPs are no different from us they get ill and we treat them in the sane way we would ourselves with sympathy.

We have a long way to go but the four have made a brave step inhelping to removie this stigma an we should congratulate them.

P.S. In their coverage of this the Mule seems to have the wrong picture of Llyr Huws Gruffydd
Whose that on the right?
As he's changed lately  or its the wrong one?  but then it is the Mule.


Alwyn ap Huw said...

The picture is of BBC / S4C journalist and presenter Dewi Llwyd

Colwyn said...

That's Dewi Llwyd from radio Cymru.

glynbeddau said...

The Mule has changed the format now and have a newpicture of Llyr no appology from them though.