Friday, 9 November 2012

Plaid-Labour in Budget deal.

So its Plaid who did the deal with Labour over the  £15bn Welsh Assembly Budget.

The BBC reports that .....

The Labour-Plaid deal adds an extra £20m to the draft budget for next year to spend on apprenticeships for 16-24-year-olds.The same amount has been included in indicative plans for the following year and there will be an attempt to secure EU funding to boost the commitment.
Science park
The two sides also agreed £10m of capital over two years for a science park involving Bangor and Aberystwyth universities.
BBC  8 November 2012 

Interestingly Gareth Hughes comments on his Blog

So the price of the deal is £25m a year over two years. £5m more than last year’s deal with the Liberal Democrats.
The £20m accord with the Liberal Democrats last year was described by Plaid as the “Lib Dems have sold their support very cheaply."
So the going rate in Welsh politics between a good deal and one that is cheap is £5m. So there you have it. The formula for agreeing budgets in Wales.
Of course Gareth being a Labour supporter doesn't tell us what he thinks an opposition should seek in any deal and we are not talking coalition here so any wish list from an opposition party is limited.

At some time the budget had to be passed and although Labour does not have a majority it is by far the largest Party and should be allowed to set the agenda though not complete control it.
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Political groups
Opposition Parties

I'm not saying that a party that doesn't have a majority should be able to simply pass its draft budget, but there must be a limit to what the opposition can ask.

Indeed the problem is that the opposition simply use the annual draft budget  it to calls for more expenditure on Health and Education popular with the public politically. But these two departments  already take up the vast majority of the Assembly expenditure and how much can be taking from other sources in order that La Pasionaria can have a decent sound bite and her colleague Peter Black a chance to spin on his blog?

It may be that Plaid have sold their support cheaply but not I think worthlessly and the money is going to areas which are neglected.

Only a Plaid spin doctor would claim this a brilliant deal but it may be the best under the circumstances.

However before the oppositions attack the deal perhaps they can tel us where they drew the line in the sand with Labour and whether it it wasn't simply a call for more money for the NHS.


Anonymous said...

The deal is a complete embarrassment - £10m to keep an AM on side.

As for the rest, it is impossible to say as there are no details yet. Sounds like a drop in the ocean though.

Welsh not British said...

Once again Plaid have sold us down the river for a pat on the back by Labour. They have set us back another decade, training apprenticeships is very commendable. But since there are no jobs for them to go into all we are doing is creating more brains for the braindrain.

Not only are we subsidisng English manufacturers with our cheap water and electricity. We will now be training the next generation of engineers up for them too.

R.I.P Plaid Cymru.