Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Leanne Wood most recognised Welsh Poltician

Plaid leader Leanne Wood  profile in the General Election has not yet transferred into  votes but it has has given her party a Ppatform into which to launch an assault on the Assembly Elections.
Leanne is more now widely recognised than Wales’ First Minister Carwyn Jones, a new opinion poll has suggested.
Her appearances on the UK-wide debates before the General Election appear to have paid off for Rhondda AM Ms Wood as her recognition levels have shot up in the latest Wales’ Political Barometer Polll
Plaid leader Leanne Wood had a higher recognition level in the latest Wales Political Barometer than First Minister Carwyn Jones

The Other Leaders LibDen Kirsty Wilams 59%  Tory Andrew RT Davies  52%  Ukip's Nathan Gilll 38% and Green's Pipa Bartolotti: 39 fared less well 
MS Wood matched Carwyn Jones in approval ratings out of ten 
Jones: 4.8 (-0.2)
Wood: 4.8 (no change)
Williams: 4.4 (no change)
Davies: 3.7 (+0.3)
Gill: 3.4 (+0.4)
Bartolotti: 3.7 (+0.4)
Though none manages to get a positive result it probably reflects the cynicism of the Welsh Public when to comes to Politics.
However Leanne's rise in profile has not  yet resulted in Plaid gaining votes however

Though this may still reflect the residue of the General Election campaign

Prof Roger Scully suggested that, if there was a uniform swing from 2011 across Wales, Labour could get 28 seats, the Tories 12, Plaid 10, Ukip eight, and the Lib Dems two

So any even if Leanne Wood had not ruled out a coalition with the Tories it locks like the prospect of an Anti-Labour  alliance taking power in the Assembly that need Ukip looks a ridiculous  argument.

However as Yesterdays post by Dr Sculy pointed out Welsh dissatisfaction with the running of the NHS here is higher than over the border which may have something to do with Cameron and the London Media targeting the Welsh NHS as a means to deflect the Tories running of it in England.

To what extent, if at all, do you trust the NHS in Wales to provide a high quality service?”

Trust a great deal1217
Trust a fair amount4957
Do not trust very much2717
Do not trust at all94
Don’t Know36
Labour will face an onslaught from as sides on their handling of the Welsh NHS .which worked for the "Welsh Tories in May even when this was a devolved matter It will remain to be sen if any single Party will profit from this

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  1. It was the same story in the General Election, Leanne Wood was popular, but it has no effect on Plaid Cymru’s vote and the same's true in the latest poll, how much longer will members put up with Leanne’s hard left vainglorious preening when they end up in 4th place behind UKIP again?