Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Wasting Mule on Cymraeg has a whiff of hypocrisy to say the least

The Wasting Mule's Laura Kemp  writing on the Welsh Language issue  makes some interesting points
She writes
Never mind avoiding religion and politics – it’s Cymraeg you’ve got to steer clear of here.
Because, even in the company of those you cherish, within seconds it can tip into Cymrage.
There’s no sense where it’s involved, you only upset someone somewhere. We’re too frightened because it evokes such strength of feeling. In other words, the shouting makes us silent.
Maybe Ms Kemp should trawl back her own Newspapers  and look at the many negative stories in the Wasting Mule  and iys sister papers like the South Wales Echo where columnist Dan ONiel  who wrote in 2008 for example under the byline

Don’t let language loonies ruin our schools

WELSH schools, well, yesterday’s Echo spelt it out.
Some of our schools are closing or being merged to make way for what’s called “Welsh-medium” education.
No, I don’t know why either.
Listen, most of us live in Grangetown, Splott and Canton. This is Cardiff.
Yes, I know we’re the capital of Wales but it seems that we are being bulldozed and bullied into a culture no-one here cares much a damn about. I’d go along with schools teaching Chinese – our kids might need that in years ahead.
But Welsh – I query what will they do with it, apart of course from getting jobs at S4C or Radio Cymru. Oh well, you hear from the parents of Tristram and Joanna, the Welsh schools are so much better.

Ms Kemp is mostly positive however but 

The pro-lobby says you’re not proper Welsh unless you speak it. If you live here, you have a duty to learn it. And the reason the majority don’t use the mother tongue is due to historic English oppression.
I am not a member of an ethic majority but oppose the descrimination against them
I am not a Woman but suport femanist in their fight for equality
I am not Gay but suport their campaign for equality 
and Ia m not a Welsh Speaker but support  the call for Welsh to be granted full equal status throughout Wales

Incidentally you may find articles such as this  by Dan O'Neil being positive about the top three it's only the Welsh Language where he has a blind spot something he shares with al to many people in Wales and the UK in General   who express Progressive Left or Liberal politics

Even  Ms Kemp shows the same sort of thinking by highlighting the recent case of  Gwynedd council’s decision to cancel a parking ticket after not dealing with the motorist’s complaint through the medium of Welsh. and the Welsh Government was ruled to have broken its own Welsh language policy during the appointment of a new Children’s Commissioner when it omitted any reference to Welsh-speaking abilities in the information pack for candidates.

But points to  the story that  Wales and Arsenal player Aaron Ramsey was heckled on Twitter after posting a picture on the first anniversary of his wedding with the Welsh caption “Un flwyddyn heddiw”, or one year ago today.

She writes...
Ignorant idiots came up with the usual predictable and lame insults, accusing him of being drunk and having a seizure at his keyboard. The Caerphilly kid hit back, tweeting: “Proud to speak it and will continue to use it on Twitter!”
In 12 words, Ramsey flipped the depressing and stale debate into an emotional and personal fist-pump. He showed that speaking Welsh is not a black and white issue but one to be celebrated with flexible bilingualism. Mature in attitude but youthful in his outlook, Ramsey scored a goal on behalf of common sense.

But is this not a case of Tokenism on her part,? "Flexible bilingualism" should not stop  at Twitter for god sake but throughout Welsh Life O Fôn i Fynwy .

Maybe Ms Kemp should pop Ive the Echo Office and have a word with a fellow columnist?

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