Sunday, 21 June 2015

Jeremy Corbyn, a Token candidate for the what remains of Labour's Left?

The sad thing about  Jeremy Corbyn Labour's  standing for the leadership contest is not so much he can't win but  that  he only appears to have  scraped  together enough nominations to stand,but he only seemed to have gained the   nominations  by having some "lent" by other candidates 
Even of he was to gain considerable  votes from ordinary members in the ballot he would still not have the support of the vast majority of Labour MPs
As Frankie Boyle put it in a recent Guardian article put it Corbyn looks like 
One of the few decent politicians remaining in the Labour party, he reminds me of those old drinkers you see haunting a new bar because they used to go to the pub that was there before.
Consider how many Left Wingers in Plaid or the SNP who share much of the views of Jeremy Corbyn are quite comfortable within their party and indeed the leaders Leanne Wood and Nicola
Sturgeon  would if you took out Independence would find it hard to get elected to s safe Labour seat in the UK for Labour it shows the state of the Labour where any Progressive Left Voice was eliminated alongside the Militant Tendency .in the nineties.
The analysis was that "We can't win with a Left wing Manifesto2 and we must abandon those who support it whilst hoping they still vote for us,
Labour should learn the lesson from Scotland those who loyally  backed the party in the feint hope that they still spoke for the poor or dispossessed  abandoned the party for the SNP who fought  on an Anti-Austerity Agenda and the removal of Trident  which is very much in line what Corbyn stands for.
I woder how many times in this Parliament will he be wishing to join the SNP,Plaid and Greens when voting.  Having been whipped by his party to support a policy he disagrees with or told to abstain?
There may be some on the so called Hard Left  who may consider entryism as means of win some power within Labour.
But for Progressive Forces there is no chance of Labour ever regaining any of its Radical-Left past and its time people who support such an ideas as Peace,Social Equality and an end to the ideological led attack on the Welfare State in the name of Austerity looked elsewhere.  


  1. The sad thing Glyn, is that Jeremy Corbyns' views do not appeal to sufficient people in the UK, without a majority his views, visions, will not be implemented.


  2. "One of the few decent politicians remaining in the Labour party, he reminds me of those old drinkers you see haunting a new bar because they used to go to the pub that was there before."

    More like, they wouldn't get a seat if they went into any pub they'd actually like so they stay where they know they are safe.