Sunday, 28 June 2015

Englishman to write Ukip's Welsh Manifesto.

If this was an Englishman living in Wales well no real problem but It seems that the Englishman in question is  former UKIP MP Mark Reckless  wh  was elected as the Conservative member of parliament for Rochester and Strood in the 2010 general election, joined UKIP in September 2014 won re-election as a UKIP member in November 2014, but lost his seat to the Conservatives in the May 2015 UK general election. is to take on a leading role in the party's campaign to win seats in the National Assembly for Wales.
He's been appointed Director of Policy Development for UKIP Wales, a role that will see him writing the party's manifesto for next year's Welsh election.
Mark Reckless occupies the post within the party at a UK level but at a meeting of UKIP General Election candidates in Port Talbot he told me that Wales will be his priority with him spending part of each week here and working with a full time policy development officer.As 

ItV 's Adrian Masters points our

 The 2016 Welsh election presents UKIP with its best-ever chance of winning seats at a national level.A sharp rise in the number of votes UKIP won in May saw the party placed third in Wales. It came second in 2014's European Parliamentary election, narrowly missing out on beating Labour into first place.
That level of support and the proportional nature of the regional list system means that it stands a very good chance of returning a handful of AMs to the Senedd. Mark Reckless told me that that prospect increases the sense of responsibility.
 The Last Poll  for the Assembly Elections showed they could win a fair number of seats
Labour: 28 seats (26 constituency seats + 2 list seats)
Conservatives: 12 seats (6 constituency seats + 6 list seats)
Plaid Cymru: 11 seats (6 constituency seats + 5 list seats)
UKIP: 7 seats (7 list seats)
Liberal Democrats: 2 seats (2 constituency seats)

With Europe and Immigration dominating probably dominating the news and with a right wing London media Ukip could potentially reach this target without hardly campaigning on the Streets.

You never know Mark Reckless might a positive manifesto calling for Wales to be given the same powers as Scotland but then Nigel Farage may give up the Pints and Fags.

However having a former English MP who writing their Weslh Manifesto as a reward for loosing his seat in May and who seems to have absolutely no Welsh connection looks like Ukip are treating Wales with contempt.

It as if they saying Wales as a Nation does not exist and we will treat it as part of England.

Expect the other parties to highlight this though careful not to appear to be using Anti-English, rhetoric,

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