Thursday, 25 June 2015

Mr Crabb tells Welsh Branch Office you can't have more responsibility.

Carwyn has been running the branch office of a UK company for a number of years  now. He's  quite happy in his job even when the Head Office was taken over by, the new management  and who since they ditched their previous partners, have been making swinging cuts that affect his customers deeply.

Some of Carwyn's workmates have been arguing that they should  have more responsibility even the same as the Sottish Branch where Nicola and Alex have been running a successful business for a number of years  .

So successful in fact  that last November, Ales had put out feelers to the  Customers about setting up as an Independent company, Although many customers were enthusiastic a small majority poured cold water on the plan.

Though they recently appear to regret this and Nicola may well be the head of a new company sooner or later'

Yesterday Mr Crabb from Head Office in London came to the Welsh Branch and told the staff that they didn't really deserve more responsibility as they haven't proved they could run the  curent office.

He claimed that he hadn't heard a single Welsh customer wanting to deal more with the Welsh Branch rather than the London Main office .Carwyn;s  was offered a bit more responsibility but he would have to take more responsibility for its financing .

Carwyn is suspicious of this as he thinks the plan is to force the Branch to put up prices in Wales so Mr Crabb's bosses can raise customer concerns to sack him and replace him with Mr Davies who is more in the London's Office style of management.
Meanwhile the fiery Ms Wood has been contacting customers pointing out she is friends  with Nicola in Scotland  and she would make a better manager than Carwyn.

And a rumour has started that a Mr Gil and friends will be seeking employment in the Welsh Branch next year with the aim of renaming it  the West Britain Office  passing responsibilities back to the London Office  and cutting ties with the arrangement it has European companies..

The betting is Carwyn will remain as manager of the Welsh Branch next May and carry on as before basically doing nothing and hoping the customers will remain happy for him to carry on and on offering no new services whilst tinkering with his current responsibilities .

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