Thursday, 4 June 2015

There is no Welsh Labour Party let alone a Federal one.

Just what is Rhondda AM Leigton Andrews up to  a recent article by him appears  to indicate that he wanted Welsh Labour  to  argue for Labour to become a Federal Party .Apparently for  he argued  in a 2013 lecture that Labour was already "de facto" a federal party, with separate leaders in Wales and Scotland.
In the Guardian  hre recently wrote
But Wales is also different from England – and, as the Guardian pointed out in April, it is different from Scotland too. I like and respect Leanne Wood, but her party Plaid Cymru came fourth in the UK general election in terms of votes, behind the Tories and Ukip, lies third in seats in the National Assembly behind the Conservatives, and didn’t merit equal billing with the SNP in the TV debates. Our first minister, Carwyn Jones, remains the most senior elected Labour politician in the UK – and UK leadership candidates should be beating a path to his door.
Hm. longevity is not necessarily a virtue   and the fact that Carwyn Jones is not  only the most Senior elected Labour Politician but the only one to run a Legislature in the UK doesn't explain why he was ;largely hidden away during May General election campain. Could it be because Labour didn't want to have him questioned over  his failures in the devolved areas of Health and Education?

However his cal that "Ladership candidates should be beating a path to Carwyn's door does coheres  with what appears to be his distaste for these candidates.

On Monday he tweetred

Too much appearing in my timeline. I really don't care who English Labour choose

There was even a intresting claim that

 Jun 1 Labour doesn't stand in NI. I think you mean Britain, not UK. UK is not 'a nation'.

If Welsh Labour did become a Federal Party I would welcome it but as there is not even a "Welsh  Labour Party" registered with the Electoral Commission  it exist in name only.

It would point to a Federal Labour party if Welsh Labour did register as a party and promised to only be funded from within Wales but I suspect that self funding would immediately  put the breaks on such a move.

It seems to me that Leighton plan may be to have create a Welsh Identity for Labour in Wales to contract it with an "English Tory" run  Westminster.

I see no indication that Labour have a separate Welsh Identity. 

Maybe they should start with making sure that all their election leaflets were bilingual . They certainly  did not in  Pontypridd home of Shadow Welsh Secretary and definitely not Welsh Leader Owen Smith.

I suspect Leighton's major task is to convince his sceptical Welsh colleagues of a Federal Labour many of whom still hanker for the days of Neil Kinnock whose Welsh identity stopped (alas by so many of our people) with beating England in the six nations.

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  1. Just like Scotland.....all the parties listed as Welsh are just Branch Offices of the main UK party and are whipped to follow the UK party lines...they do not represent Scottish or Welsh interests