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David Davies resumes Chairmanship of Welsh Affairs Committee (Oh Dear)

I have a theory about Davis Davies Tory MP for Monmouth '

He decides that if a certain viewpoint is held by people he regards as his opponents he's going to do his damnedest to come up with an opposite view no matter what the evidence
or public acceptance.

Take yesterday The Conservative MP yesterday called on the Government to be “very cautious” in the upcoming negotiations on climate change in Paris and argued there is a “difference between healthy scepticism and denial” about global warming.

According to the Wasting Mule

Mr Davies told MPs that the world was “warmer during the Roman period, cooler during the Dark Ages, and then warmer again during the medieval period.”
He continued:

 “It then became much colder, and up until about 1800 we had what is called the little ice age when ice fairs were held outside Parliament on the Thames. It was at about that time that we started to industrialise.”

Mr Davies argued it 
“absolutely must follow that some of the temperature increase that has taken place – about 0.8 degrees celsius – must be due to the fact that the earth was naturally warming up anyway”.
Though he seems unable to quote a respected Scientist  to support his theory

Mr Davies said #

anti-climate change policies were responsible for “massive increases in energy bills for home owners and businesses,” adding: “It is absolutely outrageous that steel companies and other manufacturers are finding it difficult to manufacture in this country because they are paying so much more for electricity than their competitors in the rest of Europe... We can therefore be absolutely certain that the more we rely on renewable energy, the more we will have to pay for it.”

It is extraordinary that Mr Davies who seems to have vireos diametrically opposed to the views of the vast majority of Welsh MPs including some Tories  was the only nommination  to chair the  Welsh Affairs Committee in Westminster 

As Daily Wales points out
The Chair wields a not-inconsiderable amount of power, overseeing the examination of UK Government policies which have an impact in Wales (for example strategic transport, welfare and defence).Select Committees conduct inquiries into subjects within their areas of responsibility. Formal evidence sessions then take place and, on the basis of the evidence, a report is drafted under the direction of the Chair, which the Committee considers, may amend, and will finally agree upon. The report is then published and the Government has to reply to it in due course.

A summary of Mr Davies views include
  • opposing  his Government's plans to introduce same-sex marriage, describing them as "barking mad" due to the possibility that they may alienate theConservative party's traditional supporters; 
  • Davies has said "I support the sentiments of Better Off Out" which campaigns for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.[
  • Davies is sceptical of the theory of man-made global warming, [
  • and was criticised in January 2010 for referring to some communities as "having barbaric views on women".[
  • Mr Davies has, , been strongly opposed to the devolution of powers from London to Cardiff. In 1999, according to his own website
  •  He has claimed that the Labour Party think he is a Nazi.
  • Davies, when referring to Active members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban living in this country and not being deported because of concerns about their human rights, said that if something horrible happens to them if they are sent home 'Personally I would have thought that would be a bonus rather than a reason for not sending them back' 
  • During a phone-in during the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2, Davies told a member of the public that she should join the BNP after she suggested it should be a requirement for Welsh civil and public servants to understand Welsh.
  • Davies is a critic of a few national charities - Save The Children, RSPCA and RSPCC - that he regards as behaving in a politically motivated way, and is quoted as saying that "this is part of a pattern of charities which focus more on lobbying the government on issues than on their causes." 

It is an insult that this man whose Party have 11 out of 40 Welsh MPa has been given ther chairmanship of the Committee that should act as the voice of Wales in Westminster. Bit what else should we  expect, The Scottish Affairs Committee in Westminster  is to be chaired by the SNP's Pete Wishart .

If you want the voice of Wales to be heard in Westminster you know what to do,in the next election.

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  1. Are you proposing the chairmanship should be a Labour fiefdom at this time?

    John Tyler