Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Another Labour contender gets out their Map of Wales.

One of the responses canvassers often get from people on the doorstep is

"We only see you when there is an election on."

It could be also said that Wales gets a mention from senior Labour figures when they are having a Leadership Contest.

So it was Labour leadership frontrunner Andy Burnham (another grey suit) turn to woo us and he has revealed he will appoint Carwyn Jones as co-chairman of a constitutional convention within the party if he becomes Leader of the Opposition in September.

You may wonder that if you were going to have a constitutional committee on the relationship between the the Nation of these Island that the leaders in the various legislators would have a equally standing as a matter of course ?

Still it very generous for Mr Burnham to make the offer

He also intends to give the First Minister and Welsh Labour leader an automatic seat on the party’s ruling national executive committee.

Again you may wonder why in the 16 years since the Assembly first met those Labour leadrs, Michael,, Morgan ,and Jones such apositin was not a matter of couse.

Mr Burnham was in Cardiff to meet with supporters including Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith, a member of his campaign team.

He said:

I want to get the relationship right between the UK and Wales. If we’re honest, we haven’t ever got that relationship right since devolution.

It’s looked like we’ve taken Welsh votes for granted at times and it’s also looked a bit grudging in terms of devolution.
“I’m determined to get that relationship right.
“I want a more autonomous Wales within a stronger UK.
“Carwyn has been very much at the forefront of this debate with the constitutional convention that he called for.

So maybe he didn't pay much attention to Owen Smith who is a Devo-sceptic in the llong tradition o
f Labour Shadow Secretaries and whose performance in the leaders debate in Wales during the last election was hardly aspiring.

What we have from Burnham is an apology for Labour ignoring us and a vague reference to what will be probably more Devo Dipyn Bach .

At that's probably al we here from him

The other contenders are probably sending a aide to WH Smiths for Map of Wales as they prepare to come and tel us how much they care for us before returning to Westminster and forgetting all about us.

Unless we shock them by removing their only Labour goverment in an UK legislature but alas that's not going to happen


  1. "Unless we shock them by removing their only Labour goverment in an UK legislature but alas that's not going to happen"

    We thought that too up here....the joke was a smiling chimp in a red rosette drinking it's own urine would get elected in many areas of Scotland....

    didn't work too well for them this time round....they can be shifted

  2. The automatic seat on the ruling NCB was proposed by Ed Milliband as well but the Union bosses rejected it, has anything changed?

    And as David Taylor the former advisor to Peter Hain said on Twitter, if Carwyn Jones really wanted the seat he could have fought and got it but he didn’t and he’s probably not bothered

    Wales really is at a crossroads, either wake up and take a few risks or forever be remembered as a conquered, defeated people and a region of England.