Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sitting between Cuba and Cyprus will show we are a Nation.

There has been some outrage over  over the  BBC quiz show Pointless  ruling that   Cardiff is not a capital city and Wales is not a country
 In Monday’s episode of the highly popular  general knowledge contest, a participant was asked to name a capital city beginning with the any of the letters C, I, T or Y.

Choosing Cardiff as her answer, the contestant was dismayed to see a big red cross appear on the answer board.

 Co-host (and producer) Richard Osman explained that, according to the Pointless rules, Wales is not a country as “they” (the Pointless producers) would define the term.

Before each round  which involves a country Osman points out The definition of "country" (and by "country," we mean any sovereign state that's a member of the UN) ...

There are 193 United Nations (UN) member states and Wales alas is not one of them , If we were then Cymru as we would surely name ourselves would sit between Cuba and Cyprus.
 Côte d'Ivoire [note 9]20 September 1960
 Croatia22 May 1992Former members: Yugoslavia
 Cuba24 October 1945
 Cyprus20 September 1960
 Czech Republic19 January 1993Former members: Czechoslovakia
 Democratic People's Republic of Korea17 September 1991
 Democratic Republic of the Congo [note 10]20 September 1960
There are however  209 "National Associations who are members of FIFA and if you used that criteria then of course the answer of Cardiff would be correct.

But surely any true Welsh patriot would not accept  Wales as Nation being defied by the fact that it has a football team.

So i regrettably disagree with yesterdays Daily Wales  in that I accept the Pointless ruling and that Wales Northern  Ireland Scotland and England  are not answers that can be given in this category

It is up to us to become a fully fledged Nation of the UN.

We must not blame others for our inability to become an Independent Nation and believing that it is enough to beat England and win the Grand Slam at rugby and (hopefully) see our Football  side qualify for a major tournament. 

Its not a tea-time quiz show that iis failing to define us as a nation it is ourselves.


  1. At least have the good grace to respect Cyprus as a country and spell it correctly

    1. I do apologise I meant no disrespect .

  2. Glyn there'll be 24 'countries' participating in next years european championship finals in france next jume - wales will be one of them :)

  3. I agree Glyn. To be fair to the presenters, they always give the definition of what constitutes a country, for the purpose of the question being asked.