Thursday, 11 June 2015

Growing more radical with age.

The Huffington Post has a reputation for being a Liberal-Left online news aggregator and blog
Its not always so Liberal minded when reporting on Scotland though ( Wales is barley covered at all.).

A recent contribution from  someone called   entitled 

D-Day the Sixth of... Sturgeon?

Is an attack on  Nicola Sturgeon demands for Trident  to be removed from Scotland

You can read the defence of Trident from someone who sems to be a pompous arse including his  defence on the bombing of Hiroshima and  Nagasaki here.

Regarding Nicola Sturgeon's recent appearance on Panorama, what I find most interesting is one small detail - namely that her views on Trident haven't changed since she wrote an essay on the subject as a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl at Greenwood Academy, Dreghorn, North Ayrshire. She's now nearly forty-five, five years younger than me. When I myself was sixteen I remember being instinctively left wing and against guns, bombs etc.
What is wrong with holding the ideals of you youth ?

I  an now over 60 so older than Mr Christie but I still cling on to many of the the beliefs I had at 16.

These Include

Independence for my Nation of Wales
Abandoning  of the Nuclear Deterrent
A stand against racial prejudice

This meant that at the age of 16 I went tomy  first demonstrations in 1969 and 1970 as part of the Stop the Tour campaign against the South African Springbox  rugby side in the days of apartheid '

It also saw me i the same year standing outside Cardiff Jail as Dafydd Iwan was released from a prison sentence as part of  Cymdeithas yr Iaith campaign against English only road signs 

Such activism saw me arrested outside Cardiff City Hall in a demonstration against a visit by Margaret Thatcher  a incident in which i was found not guilty.

The years have not sen be grow more right wing or even main stream.

Indeed it has sen me embrace other causes including Women' s Rights  and a greater understanding of the position of Gays .

All are linked and are about equality .

I hope to continue to support the above causes in my dotage albeit from a more sedate position 

The fact that we have a leading politician in Nicola Sturgeon still cling to the ideals of her radical  youth is something to be celebrated  not derided.

How many of the Labour Politicians who used to lecture  me and others  in such places as Trafalgar Square Hyde Park  or outside Cardiff City Hal that poly by backing Labour we can remove nuclear weapons  from these Islands for instance l can claim they still cling to their radical beliefs.?

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