Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Why are Welsh MPs supporting a MP with lunatic ideas to Chair English NHS scrutiny?

There may be other reasons but it looks frankly ridiculous that a Conservative MP who advocates the use of astrology in medicine seeking election as chairman of the Commons Health Select Committee.has received any nominations at all.

David Tredinnick, a committee member since 2010, has got the required number of MP nominations to get on the ballot.

The MP, who also argues for homeopathy to play a role in the health system, will challenge existing chairwoman Dr Sarah Wollaston for the role.

Nominations close on 10 June, with the vote to be held on 17 June.

A candidate needs to be nominated by at least 15 MPs from the same political party or 10% of the MPs elected of that party, whichever is the lower.

Mr Tredinnick has received 18 cross-party nominations for the chairmanship, and Dr Sarah Wollaston's candidacy has been backed by a cross-section of 20 MPs.

Mr Tredinnick, who was first elected to Parliament in 1987, has previously argued for herbal remedies and healing to be used in the NHS, and said that he wanted to promote the use of astrology.

the vote will be conducted using a transferrable system - as is customary for select committee chair elections.

As Peter Black points out there are a number of Welsh MPs backing Mr Tredinick.

Conservative Glyn Davies . Labour's Huw Irranca-Davies. and Plaid's Hywel Williams.

Why are they nominating someone to scrutiny England's Health service? 

English MPs should be only involved here.

Is  it  just mischievous  by the opposition MPs 

Maybe they don't like the current Chair It would perhaps at least make sense but She has gained a reputation for being an independent-minded MP, not afraid to stand up to her party's leadership or oppose them when she believes that their decisions go against the interests of her constituents..

Westminster of course is full of people with odd ideas and it would perhaps be rather a duler place if it consisted solely of people with conventional views

But it is a bit  too ft for MR Tredinnick  to even  be siting on the Commons Health Select Committee, believing as he does t that astrology works and,according to the Telegraph, that a full moon can cause internal bleeding. And, it supporting  the pseudo-science of  of homoeopathy, puts lives at risk with its idiot doctrines. 

Having him Chair a committee who should be examining such ideas and making sure they don't have a place in the NHS  is frankly dangerous.

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  1. the important issue here is why are MPs from Wales involved in this process at all, rather than any 'alternative' views mr tredinick might hold. in these devolved times its right that mps in england dont have any role in the health service in wales - and basic fairness demands the same should apply to welsh mps involvement in the nhs in england.

    Admittedly the welsh tories and welsh labour are still in a complete muddle over devolution but hywel really ought to know better and shouldnt be getting involved in this. This of course follows on from his recent bizarre base british army regiments in wales plea!

    leanne needs to have a strong word with him over the summer recess.