Friday, 26 June 2015

Powel/'Gregory Ogmore Dynasty Set To Continue.

The constituency of Ogmore  may well prove to be the embodiment pf Political Dynasty  with speculation of its long term future of long term AM Janice Gregory 
The Wasting Mule Online  reports   Ms Gregory, Labour’s chief whip at the National Assembly, has refused to comment on speculation that she may stand down from the National Assembly next year.
Mrs Gregory has represented Ogmore since the Assembly was established in 1999.
A Welsh Labour source (I love the use of anonymous sources")  in the Ogmore constituency said: “
There is talk that Janice Gregory may not be intending to stand for re-election, but will only make an announcement to that effect in March next year.“That would give very little time for the constituency party to select a new candidate, and the party’s Welsh Executive Committee might have to draw up a shortlist. The speculation is that Janice’s daughter Kirstie, who works for her, could be in line to succeed her.”
Mrs Gregory’s father was the late Sir Ray Powell, who was MP for Ogmore Parliamentary seat from 1979 until his death in 2001. So Ms Gregory would probably had succeed her father if the Assembly Job had not come up. ironic since Ray was also an opponent of the National Assembly for Wales
Ray Powell treated Ogmore as a personal fiefdom and ran it with a rod if iron

The anonymous source would have so be found in Ray's day and suffer the consequences of voicing any decent .

But maybe the old days of the Powell Control  of the constituency are over and the news have come with a leak from a Jacobin group not willing to see another coronation of the Powell/Gregory clan.

On the subject of Dynasties  Plaid may be seeing a new Wrigley enter politics

 Hywel Wigley (Son of Dafydd) is the Plaid Cymru candidate for the Pentyrch by-election.  next Tuesday (Yes Tuesday) and although winning  it looks remote  at least Hywel is seeking his own route.

Incidentally  he is married to Catrin Finch so it looks like Hywel shares not only his fathers Politics but  also as his mother is the international harpist Elinor Bennett. has a thing about the Welsh National Instrument  or rather who plays it.


  1. Catrin Finch Harpist to the "Prince" of Wales and Eleanor Wigley OBE.
    Isn't it great that the political class leading Wales' push for autonomy includes such lick spittle traitors.

  2. Janice Gregory was described by the Western Mail as a "well below par performer by our reckoning" and given a rating of 4 marks out of ten in its assessment of the Assembly Members at the end of the 2003-07 term.[7] However, she increased her majority in the 2007 election. There you go then. We obviously get the politicians we deserve. That's why there are so many Labour AMs in Wales. Hee Haw!