Thursday, 18 June 2015

Using another Fag Packet.

So this is how the Welsh Government works.

In April 2013, it was announced that a major review was to be undertaken into local government organisation in Wales, with a Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery being established, to be chaired by Sir Paul Williams

The Commission reported on 20 January 2014. It recommended that the number of councils be reduced, through mergers rather than through boundary changes, from 22 to 10, 11 or 12; and suggested that the cost of merging the councils would be met through savings made within about two years.
For many it loked kike an expensive commision had come up with a solution writen on a Fag Packet.

The government sit back and hope local authorities come up with plans to merge but in the rare  moments  when they come up with plans they are often mergers contrary
  to what Williams had recommended  to the extent that plans to merge the Vale of Glamorgan council with Bridgend council were  rejected by the Minister for Public Services.
Leighton Andrews AM, has announced that he is "not persuaded" by any of the three Expressions of Interest submitted by authorities across Wales.
Then a moment of genius said minister and his own Fag Packet comes up with his own plan rejecting his own commission and proposing not 12,11,or 10 councils but 9 or 8 

Basically  it a return to the the county boundaries   that ran  from f om 1974 until 1996, without the lower tier didtrict council 
There are some changes Caerphilly will now be in Gwent,
Leighton Andrews redrawing of the Map may be summed up with this from
Since there is no mention of redrawing the ward boundaries it appears the number of councillors will remain the same that's going to be  lot of councillors iin each county

Welsh Unitary Authorities

Control Con   Labour LibDem UKIP Green Plaid Others 
Blaenau GwentLab339
Isle of AngleseyInd21216
Merthyr TydfilLab258
Neath Port TalbotLab5284
Rhondda Cynon TaffLab160194
Vale of Glamorgan1221176
Wales Totals1065797010170328
That#s  nearly an average of  157 or 140 councilors per county  depending om there being 8 or 9 per council Will we need mew County Halls on order to accommodate them?

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