Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Pentyrch Byelection Pliad nearly steal it.

Plaid's Hywel Wigley narrowly failed to cause a minor earthquake in the Pentyrch Council
coming within a whisker in winning the seat

Result of council at last election (2012): Labour 46, Liberal Democrats 16, Conservatives 7, Independents 4, Plaid Cymru 2 (Labour majority of 17)
Result of ward at last election (2012): Conservative 772 (54%), Labour 413 (29%), Plaid Cymru 171 (12%), Green 40 (3%), Liberal Democrat 22 (2%)

Result 30 June 2015

Gavin Hill (Con) 561(-14%),

Hywel Wigley (Plaid) 543 (+27% ),
Paul Fisher (Lab),234 (-12%).

Munawar Mughal (Ind), 24

Ruth Osner (Green), 22

Cadan ap Tomos (Lib Dem), 4

Although not wining this was a very god result for Plaid and a very bad one for Labour .

Hywel the son of Plaid veteran Dafydd Wigley was the only candidate to increase the number of votes

Of course there must be disappointment in coming so close but by all accounts he fought a very effective campaign.

and has the base for a challenge next tine

Oh and isn't about tine Party's stooped "Its a Two Horse Race crap?


  1. Crachach in every sense of the word.

    1. As opposed to red princes and champagne socialists of Labour in Wales?

  2. Would’ve been a welcome boost if Hywel had won and the Cardiff West team deserve huge praise, but Plaid Cymru’s leadership are taking the wrong lessons from the campaign judging by last night’s social media. The campaign was successful in spite of the leadership not because of it.

    What almost got the party so close to a stunning victory was the local party’s visibility, willingness to tackle Labour head on over its local and national failures; regular campaigning and a great candidate in Hywel, will Leanne and her team ever learn?

  3. What was the problem with the leadership?

  4. Cranach maybe but unlike Kiinnock's son in Abaravon he clearly got a lot of votes by his own work. As for the leadership the leaflet and the fact that Leannne held a public meting in Pentyrch with the candidate probably helped.

  5. Harpist to the Prince of Wales indeed. Brit.