Friday, 24 July 2015

Labour hold New Tredegar on Caerphilly council

Labour easily  held the New Tredegar on Caerphilly council

New Tredegar result 

EVANS Mark Anthony Lab 648
GORMAN  Ian William  Ukip 90
LEA Robert Con  47

No Plaid candidate but Ukip  and Tories put up a challenge Neither  of who give an address in the ward . Ukip gained 20% of the vote in the General Election in the Islwyn Constituency where the ward sits.

So it may be their bubble has burst.

Decent result for Labour and Plaid really need to put up a candidate in such a ward  to reassert their presence on the council.

Result of ward at last election (2012): Emboldened denotes elected

New Tredegar electorate : 3319 turnout : 35.58%
candidate         party                 votes %  
Jones Morgan Independent 362 17.48%  
Jones Gerald Welsh Labour 965 46.6% elected
Rees Les         Welsh Labour 744 35.92% elected

The next by-election on Caerphilly is Cross Keys 

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  1. Those wondering why UKIP not Plaid Cymru are doing well in the Valleys should look no further than this by election result, no PC candidate, no independent candidate and hardly any local PC party infrastructure enabled UKIP to call the by election after Labour’s Gerald Jones got elected as MP for Merthyr & Rhymney,

    The only silver lining is UKIP were so far behind Labour, but im wary of writing them off just yet