Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Former English Ukip MP claims he knows what Wales wants.

The Wasting Mule Online  reports  that the former English Ukip MP who has ben given the job of writing its manifesto for the Welsh Assembly accused Welsh Labour of alienating many of its working class supporters by adopting a “soft nationalist” approach that isn’t relevant to them.
Former Rochester and Strood Conservative MP Mark Reckless resigned his seat to join Ukip last year and won a by-election. But he was beaten by the Tory candidate at the general election, and is now Ukip’s director of policy development.
Mr Reckless confirmed that Ukip had high hopes of winning up to 10 seats at next year’s National Assembly election, saying his party aimed to be a “breath of fresh air” that would end the cosy consensus he believed had developed between the existing parties since the Assembly was set up in 1999.
He said
: “My impression is that Plaid and the Lib Dems, to an extent, still exist very associated with Labour – and Labour has moved from being a party that really sought to represent the interests of the working class into one more focused on identity politics, and with a soft nationalist agenda which I don’t think is shared by much of their core support.I don’t think the average working person in Wales has a burning desire to pay a different tax rate than people in England. So why is that the priority of the politicians?The Conservatives, I think, are too often looking over their shoulder at what the Government in Westminster wants, always presenting and analysing things in Wales from a perspective of how they do things in England.
 “Ukip want to be different, and we want to be asking people in Wales what policies they would like to see. We want to engage with the whole of the public and actually take ideas from them."They’ve been frozen out of the system and people haven’t been listened to and not treated properly by the establishment for too long – and it’s that which Ukip stands against, and I think Labour have got rather lost in terms of who or what they represent – here in Wales, as across the UK.”

This is just Ukip hogwash a man who doesn't even live in Wales let alone represent or who intends to stand for a Welsh Assembly seat claims he knows what is best for us.

There is of course something attractive about a party that claims to be outside the Cardif Bay bubble and is listing to ordinary people .

But you can bet a pound to a penny Ukip will only hear from "the people" what they want.

If the people want Policing and Justice devolved will Ukip listen? I doubt it 

But lets face it Ukip will not be listening to the likes of me or the majority of Welsh people just those who share they view .

However it presents an attractive anti-establishment option for those who are discontented its up to the other party's to a show  how phony this is and gives us a real alternative to a party that tums to an man living in England who thinks he knows what we want and need. 

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  1. Our sympathies, we have suffered from this stupidity in Scotland for some considerable time, comes from all sectors including those from Ukip. Today we have a certain Paul Nuttall suggesting throwing our elected First Minister in front of a Hunt horse. That of course will be a little laugh, certainly our betters never give us abuse. Good luck my hopes and wishes go with you.