Saturday, 4 July 2015

if Ken Skates Carwyn is not connecting.

Oh we are a cynical bunch some of us it seems are having difficulties with differences with the r Carwyn Connect” where ur First Minister will meet the people so that they get there say on government services and presumably paid for by that public and a a Labour party initiative. Where Carwyn Jones in what apparently wil be a the first of what will be a series of events Carwyn Jones will host a Q&A session at Gorseinon in Gower. with Labour members and community groups in a series of open Q&A sessions designed to develop new ideas for the Welsh Labour manifesto for May 2016. He will be joined by Deputy Culture Minister Ken Skates, who has been given the job of preparing the manifesto.

So if Ken Skates Carwyn is not connecting but undergoing party business

Maybe Carwyn should literally wear different colour hats one as First Minister and one as Welsh Labour leader so we know just what meeting we are at.

It may be a sheer coincidence but the first part Labou the tour saw the First Minister (hang on Welsh Labour Leader ) hosting a Q&A session at Gorseinon in Gower.

Oh, a coincidence surely with it being in the Gower constituency a seat Labour lost to the to the Conservatives at the general election, after holding the seat for more than a century.

Members of the public attended but the according to Walesa Online it did not go wel l and the toughest audience for the First Minister were Labour activists – one whom claimed members in Gower had been asking for more support in May but despaired at an “obsession” with the Vale of Glamorgan.

Labour went on to lose Gower, and didn’t win the Vale, at the polls.

The First Minister tried to reassured the activist by saying Welsh Labour has control of the campaign next May and said there will be a number of public meetings between now and Christmas.

However the appointment of Fraser Welsh, as new deputy general secretary for Welsh Labour, was previously Labour’s key seats campaign strategist in the run-up to the general election a move in which Carwyn did not seem to have a say has led to questions of who is just puling this strings of the Party in Wales

But what of Carwyn Connects wlil it result in questions asked at the meeting deemed to be about the Labour Manifesto for 216 Assembly Elections ruled out because they are a "party matter".

It would be interesting to find out the cost of a "Carwyn Connects" tour from the Auditors and whether this is entirely about the First Minister" meeting Joe Public or whether there is no difference from the Labour Party tour by Carwyn at the same time.

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