Sunday, 12 July 2015

Welcome Pedryn Drycin a new Welsh Blog.

Its nice to come across new Welsh Blogs and Pedryn Drycin is a one which is very welcome .

Pedryn Drycin  is the Welsh name for the Storm Petrel which has ben a symbol of a number of revolutionary groups and we can only hope the author can stir things up.

He has started well with detailed and analytical articles on various Welsh topics.
the latest being on Protecting Welsh Place-Names.

as he points out 

They were taking evidence on the Historic Environment (Wales) Bill currently going through the National Assembly under the sponsorship of Deputy Minister, Ken Skates. I am not particularly well acquainted with the finer details of the bill, but as far as I am aware it seeks to strengthen and reform the protection regime for historic buildings and monuments in Wales, and by all accounts it has broad support from the heritage sector and other interested parties: ‘fine insofar as it goes’ was the conclusion of the first witness, Dr Charles Mynors, a barrister specialising in the field.

But it was the second session which was of much greater interest to this saloon-bar philosopher as Dr Rhian Parry of Cymdeithas Enwau Lleoedd Cymru (the Welsh Place-Name Society) pressed the case for Welsh place-names (of farms, cottages, fields, landmarks, etc.) to be included within the provisions of the Bill and thereby gain the same protection as standing stones, medieval field systems or Victorian pitheads.
She carefully articulated the argument that place-names provide unique insights into our human and natural history, insights that are often not available in the archaeology or in manuscripts. She drew the committee’s attention to their intrinsic beauty, their ‘naturally’ derived communal and collective meaning, and their linguistic variety, citing examples of ancient Welsh, English, Scandinavian and Norman-French names. She also reminded the committee that place-names currently enjoy no protection in law and are under continued attack as an increasing number of new owners choose to give their p
roperties new names.
But read the whole article here 

I can only envy the writer in his delivery and hope that we get regular postings .

The Welsh Blogasphere has some what shrunk over the years and we need new innovative and argumental  blogs to fil the gap that has ben left.

Here is one Blog that hopefully we can read on a regular basis and if you know of any similar new entries to our little world of Welsh Political Blogers let me know and I wil do my best to promote them. 

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  1. Its funny she didnt even get her facts straight and lied to the assembly members present. She and the society have not contacted individuals about the names of their "businesses". Yes I use the term businesses because most of the examples she mentioned have not changed their properties names but merely operate a business from these properties. No land registry changes, no map changes and indeed no place name changes= no loss in Welsh historical value. She needs to give her self a shake and appologise for the lies she is telling.