Friday, 31 July 2015

Poor Mark, not invited to Tim's Party

Welsh Liberal Democrat Mark Williams  may feel like the only pupil in his class not to get an invite to the most popular students birthday party as it emerges that  he  is the only one of the party's eight MPs to be left out of a 'cabinet' named by new leader Tim Farron.
Poor Mark was not invited

Mark Williams may well have  benefited in not holding a ministerial position in the coalition government but to be left out of a "cabinet" in which many have more than one roll despite Six of its 22 members are not being MPs or peers. 

Its starting to look like he is not considered good enough . Which may think why do the LibDems think hes god enough to serve the constituents of Ceredigion.

He has not even been given the job of Welsh Spokesperson  considered a pretty lowly job in Westminster instead this goes to Kirsty Williams, Lib Dem leader in the assembly, succeeding Roger Williams, who lost his seat at the general election.

Ex-Wales Office minister Baroness Randerson will speak on transport.

A Lib Dem source claimed  that Williams does have a role. It just wasn’t on the list. they said 

Mark Williams will be part of a special “campaign team”, to be announced later this summer. These teams are expected to focus on certain areas of policy, such as the Human Rights Act.The source insisted that Farron, who was elected leader earlier this month, had not snubbed Williams. “They are very very close, everything’s fine. There’s no way that Mark won’t have a role.”
That's nice of them . We will wait and see what this is but you might have thought he would have at least one spokesperson role.

Mark Williams, who is now the Lib Dems' only MP in Wales, had backed Mr Farron over rival Norman Lamb in the battle to succeed Nick Clegg.

So he has not even been rewarded for that 

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