Monday, 20 July 2015

Blarite's hoping a Corbyn leadership will be a disaster?

Could it be that Blarite in  Labour rather than being alarmed that Jeremy Corbyn wining the Labour leadership contest are secretly hoping that such a win will eventually lead to such a poll disaster that they can replace him with one more to their liking/


No more than  the rather strange claim in the Independent that Corbyn's victory would trigger a coup 

They say

The left-wing MP for Islington North has staged a stunning raid on support among constituency labour party (CLP) organisations in the past week, prompting panic among supporters of the three mainstream candidates, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall. Two internal polls also suggested a surge in support for Mr Corbyn, with one even suggesting he could win on 12 September.
Although this result is still seen as a long shot, MPs said in the event of a Corbyn victory they would immediately start gathering the 47 names needed to trigger a coup. One said: “We cannot just allow our party, a credible party of government, to be hijacked in this summer of madness. There would be no problem in getting names. We could do this before Christmas.”
Another Labour MP said a Corbyn victory would cause deep unhappiness among the current shadow cabinet, and suggested that few would want to serve under him.
Even the most stalwart Blarite would surly realise that such a coup would split the Labour Party permanently'

But with a Labour government in 2020 looks unlikely who ever wins and there might be some Blarites thinking that this would be an opportunity to blame the left .

As Wings over pointed out yesterday 

   Alert readers will have noticed that for the last week or so we’ve been challenging some of the conventional wisdom about Labour’s election victories from 1997-2005. While the right wing of the party and commentariat regularly insists that Tony Blair was its most successful leader ever, we demonstrated that over the course of his leadership he lost Labour over two million votes, whereas Neil Kinnock’s reign had resulted in a GAIN of three million.
In short, New Labour’s victories were primarily the result of the Conservatives being in a catastrophic state during Blair’s rule, exhausted by almost 20 years of power and scandal and infighting about Europe. With William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard at the head of a shattered opposition, Labour could have won those elections with Piers Morgan or a Teletubby in charge.

But a Coryn victory might not lead to the disaster the Blairites wish for , He might just reconnect with missing votersed up with Austerity and little choice in England  as they already have with the SNP in Scotland

For Wales it may be harder for Plaid or it could be that they could point out that their candidates have more in common with a Prime Minister Corbyn than existing Labour MP's and candidates.

It could be that a Corbyn leadership could rather than as the Blarites may hope see off the Left for good by offering something other than the same thing as the Tories actually inspire  people just as the SNP did in Scotland as Mhari Black so brilliantly pointed out.

 “The SNP did not triumph on a wave of nationalism; in fact nationalism has nothing to do with what happened in Scotland. We triumphed on a wave of hope – hope that there is something better than the Thatcherite neoliberal policies that come from this chamber.”

Of course if the public were to deny the media attacks on Corbyn and the polls started to show he was getting popular with the public. Labour Mps and candidates will be looking in their sock drawers for their old  CND, Cole not Dole and other Badges in an effort to convince us they were with us all along.

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