Saturday, 11 July 2015

LibDems claim Six Nations Victory for themselves

Can it be really thanks to Kirsty Williams and the Welsh libDems that we will stil have the Six Nations on terrestrial TV and not subscribe to Mr Murdochs SKY channel

Writing on Subordinate Central yesterday she said
The Welsh Liberal Democrats are celebrating the news that the Six Nations rugby tournament will remain on free TV following a rights deal struck with the BBC and ITV.Under the deal, both broadcasters will alternate live coverage of the 15 matches, with the other channel broadcasting highlights.Welsh Lib Dems led a campaign against threats to move the tournament to a pay TV deal, with nearly 5,500 rugby fans signing the party’s petition and supporting the cause.I’m delighted that we’ve helped persuade the Six Nations bosses that our rugby needs to stay on free TV. That family tradition of sitting down and watching the rugby together that many of us hold dear looks to be no longer under threat.Thousands of people joined with us in opposing any move to a pay TV deal because they know just how important this tournament is to our nation’s culture. The next step is to make sure this threat never happens again, by adding the Six Nations to the ‘crown jewels’ and guarantee in law that it will remain free-to-air.
OK  La Pasionaria   does not claim sole credit but  words like  Welsh Lib Dems led a campaign appears to be them making fanciful claims 

After all 5,500 is quite a small number on a petition and I suspect a single individual with a bit of tech know-how could have got 10 times that number and more.

Just because you take an obvious popular stand and make a few press statements does not mean that you are taking the lead least alone  claim even partial  credit for victory.

Meanwhile Peter Black seems to have met the ending of his Parties membership of the coalition,with somewhat of a relief and has posted a number of Oold LidDem attacks on the Tories.

Latest Blogs have included

Have the Tories backtracked on Nick Clegg's flagship tax-free childcare scheme?

Tories revert to type on fox-hunting

The problem for Peter and his fellow LibDems is that its going to take a bit longer than afew months for people to forget they were in coalition with the Tories for the previous 5 years.

Nor will an argument  that

"We were a moderating influence on the Tories just loo whats happening now they have a free rein." hold much water 

The reply from those hit by Osbourne's  attack on the welfare state may well be 

You shouldn't have let the bastards in in the first place.

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