Thursday, 9 July 2015


The Blue Budgie was on show yesterday to the delight of its owner Mr Cameron

Missing was its little plastic yellow friend who melted away in May and the Blue Budgie was able to show of its feathers without it distracting  attention.

Ms Harman who is looking after the Light Blue Budgie after the death of its owner was unimpressed .

The Light Blue Budgie would have looked better on show she argued . But could not say how much different it would appear to ordinary members of the public.

Mr Duncan Smith aa huge Fan of the Blue Budgie and couldn't control himself as he admired its feathers

The Media was largely impressed with the Blue Budgie

Budgie shines in sun SUN
A One Nation Budgie TIMES
What a beautiful Bird EXPRESS
Illegal Immigrants in Budgie's cave DAILY MAIL.

Other  were not impressed a Mr J Edwards from Wales said.

I can't see what the fuss is about "Every year we get to se the Blue Budgie or the Light Blue Budgie and al it does is sit in its cage preening itself with its followers gasping in wonder
However when they let it out of its cage it flies around shitting on those below

News that we will have 5 years of this filed many with despair 

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  1. excellent Glyn, i don't know what's worse braying, crowing Tories or spineless, sell out Labourities afraid of challenging this economic madness.

    We can only hope voters are seeing throught the Welsh Labour Government's timidi response and vote Plaid Cymru or Green accordingly in May.