Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Mhari Black “The SNP did not triumph on a wave of nationalism";

The maiden speech by Mhari Black , the youngest person to be elected to parliament since at least the 19th century, has been keenly awaited and it did not disappoint  far from it  and you can and should view it below . Though such was its barnstorming nature I suspect most have already sen it

 Obviously here clever  attack on the Governments housing bill probably gets the most coverage.
“My housing [in London] is subsidised by the state … but in this budget the chancellor abolished any housing benefit for anyone under the age of 21,” she said. “We are now in the ridiculous situation whereby, because I am an MP, not only am I the youngest, but I am also the only 20-year-old in the whole of the UK who the chancellor is prepared to help with housing.”

But to me the important part when commenting he SNP’s landslide in Scotland in May’s general election, in which Labour was reduced to one MP, she said:

 “The SNP did not triumph on a wave of nationalism; in fact nationalism has nothing to do with what happened in Scotland. We triumphed on a wave of hope – hope that there is something better than the Thatcherite neoliberal policies that come from this chamber.”

And that important because  it reflects much of the effect of last years referendum campaign which although it was lost saw people believing a better Scotland was possible and Independence was the way to it not out of crude ethnicity or Anti-English feelings but Scotland was already a Nation and now the people of Scotland should be in control.

But look at Wales where Plaid argue that Wales is not economically ready for Independence . How can they argue this when the Thatcherite neoliberal policies that Mhari Black was talking about whether Tory or Labour from Westminster will always mean we are Poor West Britons rather than a vibrant Independent Nations.

We need to emulate the "Wave of Hope" that came in the initial disappointment of the NO vote in Scotland and we need to start now.


Anonymous said...

Plaid eh?
I am a member and recently received a message from the Party that Jamie Oliver supported our policy on sugar in pop. I ffecin despair.

Cibwr said...

Nothing wrong with Jamie Oliver supporting a policy, why should that make you despair? And if you want to see how people have reacted to that great maiden speech have a look at twitter, some real nasty stuff there.

glynbeddau said...

Right on both counts Cibwr but we need more than sugary drinks Tax important and groundbreaking as it may be. As far as the Twitter goes the media hypocritically condemn abusive CyberNats but what I calll WebBrits are free to vent their spleen without comment.

You can se examples of this exposed by Wings over Scotland.