Monday, 27 July 2015

Its not the Hard Left backingr Corbyn its the Left Behind

Such is the panic within the elite leadership of the Labour Party  that Jermny Cotbyn could win the leadership contest  at least  one MP has suggested  it should be suspended because it's being 'infiltrated' by hard-left activists, 
Bassetlaw MP John Mann says an the process has been warped by an influx of new members, many of whom have signed up just to back Jeremy Corbyn.
There is speculation that 140,000 more activists could be eligible to vote than before the general election.
The Communist Party of Great Britain is among the groups that have urged supporters to join Labour and endorse the Islington North MP. Under new rules, they can pay just £3 and take part in the 
I must wonder if there ere anything like 140,000 hard left activist in the whole of the UK
In the General Election the highest "Hard Left" Party TUSC  only managed a total vote of  36,327 throughout the UL
Backbencher Mann told the Sunday Times the contest was "totally out of control", and insisted acting leader Mrs Harman should step in so that proper checks can be conducted.
"It should be halted," he said. "It is becoming a farce with long-standing members ... in danger of getting trumped by people who have opposed the Labour Party and want to break it up, expressly want to break it up - some of it is the Militant Tendency types coming back in."
This looks an attempt by Labour MPs who can not accept that a great deal of their Membership are opposed to the right wing drift of the Leadership in which they supported the Tories Austerity Program and Attacks on Welfare.

They have voted loyal for the party held their noses when they voted and watched in despair as the MPs  abstained rather than fight the Budgets welfare cuts and as the below (Which I've nicked from Welsh not British brilliant piece. I hope he doesn't mind)

 These are not "Hard Left Members" but the sort of Labour member you would meet  at a CND or protest in the  80's  earnest but still faithful to a party that was already abandoning them and who were using the threat of Militant to shift to the right. 

 The problem for these members who still carry the flame of socialism  is that he will lead a Labour Party that is already plotting to replace him.

Unfortunately for Plaid the majority of Corbyn's backer will be still Unionist at heart but as the SNP showed in May attitudes can change.


  1. Flattery will get you everywhere.

  2. As a welsh nationalist I see a Jeremy Corbyn victory as disastrous for Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood’s entire appeal since her election as leader is she’s a socialist first and welsh nationalist second and always plays up her lefty credentials to appeal to ex Labour voters.

    It didn’t work for Plaid in the General Election and if Labour elect a genuine socialist leader where does that leave Plaid Cymru’s Assembly strategy?

  3. anon theres nothing to suggest that if plaid dumped leanne and lurched to the 'right' it would bring about any improvement in their fortunes. There is no indigenous right wing in wales ie a right wing that's progressive on the 'national question'. The right in wales (look at the tories and ukip) have always been the most slavish supporters of the british state - its the left which has pursued welsh devolution and self government most vigourously!

    1. Where in my comment did I talk about Plaid Cymru becoming right wing?, Plaid was most successful and social democratic under Dafydd Wigley in 1999, Leanne Wood’s leadership been disastrous for Plaid Cymru, coming behind UKIP in vote share for goodness sake.

      I want them to be more nationalist and a potential Jeremy Corbyn’s victory is an ideal opportunity for Plaid Cymru to change course and start speaking up for Wales instead, hence the Plan B question.