Saturday, 1 August 2015

Plaid Leader makes humantarian case for refugee crisis.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood call for a humanitarian response to the refugee crisis at Calais 9n Thursday is mostly welcome

The reaction of both Politician and Medias has been xenophobic. Even the supposedly balanced BBC has failed to exam the and  report on what causes the crisis and insist on referring to to the refugees as migrants.

Leanne said that more fences and police will amount to little more than papering over ever bigger cracks. 

The disturbing and increasingly desperate situation at Calais is the result of instability in the Middle East for which the UK should recognise its part in creating.

“As things stand, southern European countries are bearing the brunt of the crisis and thousands of desperate people are losing their lives and thousands more are risking theirs as they flee war in their homelands.

“Action is needed now to prevent the crisis getting worse at Calais. This must involve all EU states - including the UK - accommodating a fair share of refugees as soon as they enter the EU, rather than standing aside until there's a crisis at the UK border.

"Current UK refugee policies are failing and it is suspected that the UK government will fail to fill its current, modest refugee quota.

"Plaid Cymru proposes increasing UK refugee quotas and setting specific quotas for each of the nations of the UK, in partnership with devolved governments. We further propose UK agreement with states such as Italy and Greece to accommodate refugees on entry to the EU.

"Whilst Plaid Cymru supports sensible measures to secure the Channel Tunnel for safety reasons, more fences and police will amount to little more than papering over the cracks.
"Humanitarian action is needed at Calais immediately, alongside an EU-wide effort, with the UK meeting its full obligations."
 With the current state of hysteria from the Media being reflected by the public a headline in the Wasting Mule that

"Wales should accept a quota of refugees in bid to address the Calais crisis, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood urges"

 is not going to gather many votes and many of the comments I have sen have been very negative but with the other Parties kowtowing  to the Media headlines it is refreshing that a leading politician is prepared to take a stand on humanitarian grounds.

the current crisis originated in a French Industrial dispute and was the prime reason for the difficulties in crossing the channel but it is barely mentioned.

Instead we blame desperate people many who have  genocide in places like Syria and Afghanistan and endured great hardship in getting to Calais and to the UK which they are heading for mainly because they speak English.

 If we turn our backs on this problem we will be responsible for an even greater crisis.

 Its time other leaders in the UK spoke out for an humantarian response to the refuges in Calais rather than folow the lead of the Sun, Daily Mail Express and alads the BBC.

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  1. Good for you Leanne, I would not expect less from you, certainly the media have been dreadful and as for our PM words fail me.