Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ann Clwyd still in denial over Iraq.

Cynon MP Ann Clwyd who served as Tony Blair’s special envoy on human rights in Iraq has said she “profoundly” disagrees with Jeremy Corbyn's call for Labour to apologise to the British people for “taking them into the Iraq War on the basis of deception” .

Off course she would it would be hard for her to admit to being duped

Ms Clwyd campaigned for the indictment of members of the Iraqi regime in the years leading up to the invasion.
She said: 
“When people say I was in favour of war, what I was in favour of was bringing Saddam Hussein and his colleagues to justice. That’s why I spent a long time chairing Indict, the organisation which collected evidence of Iraqi war crimes.”

: “I was in Kurdistan in the February, and they told me there was no other way except to go to war. And that was the first time I’d ever heard them say it...
“Now, people should ask the Kurds and the Shia whether they are pleased Saddam Hussein has gone or not... [Of] course they are.”
 Well cearly the Kurds probably have no longing  for Saddam Hussein but  what about the rerst of Iraq

The New Labour Charge Sheet Reads:
Ms Clwyd added
 What we should be talking about now is what more we can do to help Iraq, both firefight Isis and also [help it] become a stable functioning democracy... I really do think it’s simplistic to argue that we should apologise...“So I profoundly disagree with Jeremy on that.”

But if you can argue this for removing  Saddam. Hussein then it would apply to Kim Jong-un North Korea

Oh that's right North Korea hasn't huge Oil reserves

OK I admit China would be a big problem but then China is hardly a beacon of Human rights either and yet it is treated with Kid  
d Gloves. But the West has bee highly selective in who they wished to remove in the guise of Human rights

. In March 2003, for instance, she wrote a piece for The Times in which she claimed that Saddam's regime used people shredders: "See men shredded, then say you don't back war".

 Brendan O'Neill wrote in the Guardian  on the background to Clwyd's claim: suffice to say that five years on Saddam's people shredders have proved as elusive to locate as his WMD. But Clwyd's article, though being a load of cobblers, served its purpose: it helped sway public opinion to be more supportive of war.

She may have bee misled and indeed have had Noble intentions in bringing democracy to Iraq by removing a dictator .

But how can she claim that Iraq today is better off, more democratic or peoples rights have improved.

Ann Clwyd some years ago kept saying that the "Green Shoots of Democracy" are appearing in Iraq alas history has shown us that they are in fact weeds strangling any real shoots. 

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  1. When will she fight to get rid of the Saudi regime?