Sunday, 2 August 2015

I'm not joining Labour just to vote for one man.

Much as I want to see Jeremy Corbyn win the leadership contest I have no desire to join the Labour Party in order to voter for him. Even though Another Angry Voice has provided details on how to register to join in order to vote .

The problem for me is that its akin to  parents going to a local church even though they have no faith in order that their child could attend a league leading faith school.

What will you do if Jeremy loses . Yes you can claim to have made a statement but do you carry on  in a party under Burnham or Cooper and the candle of hope that Jeremy has given is snuffed out overnight?

Even if he was to win he would be isolated from most of his MPs The Socialist Campaign Group is a left-wing, democratic socialist grouping of Labour Party Members of Parliament in the House of Commons  composing of what used to be called Bennites f which he is a member is very small

It was formed in December 1982 as an alternative Parliamentary left-wing group to the Tribune Group.   The Campaign Group, as it is commonly known, is on the left of the Labour Party and has been highly critical of the New Labour project.

I also would like to know what Jeremy's stance on Self Determination for Wales and Scotland after all the only Welsh MP who I can see who ever  was a member of the Campaign Group was Llew Smith ther former member for Blaneau Gwent member of the Socialist Campaign Group, he stood down at the 2005 general election.who opposed the formation of the National Assembly for Wales

It is claimed that  late Labour MP Tony Benn was fervently opposed to Scottish independence and had wanted to come out publicly in support of the Better Together campaign before he died,

 However this does not mean you should not back Jeremy's campaign from outside the Labour Party or rather support his message and Another Angry Voice suggest how


 If you are a member of another political party, or if you are disinclined to register yourself as any kind of Labour supporter until you're sure that it will be led by Jeremy Corbyn, there are still things you can do to help his campaign.

One of the most important things you can do is to help to undermine the utterly misleading narrative from the Blairites and the mainstream media that there is no public appetite for left-wing politics in the UK. One of the most compelling arguments against this toxic right-wing narrative is the fact that an overwhelming majority of people support the explicitly left-wing policy of running vital national infrastructure (the NHS, rail network, energy infrastructure and Royal Mail) as not-for-profit public services. Here's a link to evidence to support this assertion.

Another way you can help is by sharing Jeremy Corbyn articles and infographics that clearly explain his actual political views. This is important because very many people rote learn their political opinions from the mainstream media, so unless they're presented with counter evidence, they're likely to take the anti-Corbyn propaganda at face value and consider him some kind of dangerous Marxist bogeymen (without even knowing the proper definition of Marxism of course). The more people who are presented with Jeremy Corbyn's actual policies and opinions, the less effective the mainstream media anti-Corbyn demonisation tactics will be.

 The danger is that we are putting to much faith in ome man's campaign and our English friends on the progressive left may still need an alternative to Labour even if he was to win.



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  1. from our standpoint a real plus of jeremy's campaign is that it's got people talking about socialism again - and is helping to foster the understanding that there is an alternative to the destructive cruel neo liberal econonics that have prevailed in UK IN the last 3 decades. that said his election as labour leader on its own wont change labour's present support for nuclear power, nuclear weapons and membership of nato - nor willl it suddenly commit labour to public ownership or to repealing the tories anti trade union laws. as things stand all jeremy's election as labour leader will mean is that a left winger will be leading a centre right party (which in the long run clearly isnt going to work of course)

    certainly theres no good reason why supporters of parties to the left of labour - like plaid and the greens - should ditch their parties and go over to labour. we dont know jeremy's views on matters like welsh devolution etc but we do wonder if he could be any more backward thinking on this issue than some of his welsh labour colleages?