Friday, 28 August 2015

45 new Peers created by a PM who wants ro cut 50 MPs from the Commons.

It sometimes happens that in a company a senior member of staff retires or in some cases is made redundant. His or hers colleagues  have a whip-round for a leaving gift or throw a party.

The following Monday the leaver turns up and starts carrying out more or less the same role but this time as  freelance consultant.

The equivalent in our Westminster Parliament of course is when a MP retires or is defeated at the election they return to the palace of Westminster as members of the House of Lords and lo and behold among e David  Cameron's nominations of  26 new Tory peers, 11 Liberal Democrats and 8  new Labour members of the Lords there are some familiar faces. 

Wings over Scotland comments on by simply showing a picture of Alistair Darling former Chancellor and leader of the Better Together campaign under the headline the journey


Whilst WelshnotBritish finds the irony closer to home

Mr Hain has defended his decision to accept a peerage, despite saying he supported an elected second chamber.
He said the Lords needed members who were willing to accept change or else it would not happen.
And Mr Hain argued a second chamber which was made up of representatives elected proportionally from each of the UK's nations and regions would increase democratic legitimacy and help ease the “constitutional crisis provoked by the continued pressure for Scottish independence”

Oh bless him hes taking this arduous task on for the good of us.

I give him a year before he's claiming that the Lords play a vital role in scrutinising the Government as many reformers who enter the Lords and get their noses in the trough have done for decades.

He is joined by two former  Welsh Secretaries  Paul Murphy and William Hague so it seems that the lowest post in the cabinet may have some use in the future of a politician.

The LibDems who were reduced to 8 MPs in May will see 11 new Peers some of them retired or defeated colleagues maybe that says more about the nominations than anything else .

Among the Tories is Douglas Martin Hogg, 3rd Viscount Hailsham, PC, QC (born 5 February 1945) who left Commons in 2010 under a cloud when   The Daily Telegraph  exposed that he claimed  upwards of £2,000 of taxpayers' money so-called for the purposes of "cleaning the moat" of his country estate, the Kettlethorpe Hall; 

So hes going to be right at home among the ermine .

The creation of 26 Tory Peers by Cameron is particularly insulting as he is seeking  to reduce the numbers in the Commons by some 50 MP .

So he in just one year he has created almost as many Peers (45)  in the unelected chamber as he seeks to reduce the democratic elected one.

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  1. The hypocrisy is nothing short of astonishing. The only way to end this farce is to end Britain.