Saturday, 15 August 2015

Two Welsh Byelections this week and LibDems happy

There were two bylections in Wales this week and tits the Liberal Democrats who get bragging rights

Powys CC, Glasbury- 13th August 2015

James Gibson-Watt Liberal Democrat 457 [44.4%; +44.4%]
James Evans Conservative 415 [40.3%; -10.9%]
David Roger Hook Independent 106 [10.3%; -20.2%]
Louise Davies Green 52 [5%; +5%]
Majority: 42
LD gain from Conservative

Percentage change since 2012

 Result of ward at last election (2012): Conservative 502 (51%), Independent 299 (30%), Non Party Independent 180 (18%

This is the second win in Byelections in Wales since the General Election  after Llay on Wrerxaham and in both cases the party did not contest the election in 2012 . A sign of a LibDem recovery?

Far to early to cal but it sems it is clear they are not dead and burried

Caerphilly UA, New Tredegar- 23rd July 2015
For Plaid there was an improvement on their last election 

Julian Simmonds Labour 354 [50.6%; -4.3%]
Chris Cook Plaid Cymru 179 [25.6%; +12.9%]
Joe Smyth UKIP 166 [23.7%; +23.7%]

Majority: 175
Labour Hold
Percentage change since 2012

 Result of ward at last election (2012): Labour 543 (55%), Independent 281 (28%), Plaid Cymru 126 (13%), Conservative 39 (4%)

Plaid will however  have higher hopes for the Bedwas and Machen ward of the council on the 3rd of September the Plaid candidate is the former Labour Secretary of State for Wales Ron Davies should prove interesting.

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