Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Plaid sees defection to Tories and suppoter backing Corbyn.

There may be a problem for Plaid  in two stories om the Wasting Mules online page 

The first is the news that a former Plaid Cymru candidate who now hopes to defeat the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats as a Conservative says he sees no contradiction in his political position.
According to the Mule
Former Plaid Cymru candidate who now hopes to defeat the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats as a Conservative says he sees no contradiction in his political position.
Gary Price, a Powys county councillor and postman, will be taking on Kirsty Williams in Brecon & Radnorshire at next year’s National Assembly election.
It won’t be the first time he has been up against her. In 2011 he was Plaid’s candidate in the seat, coming fourth with just 1,906 votes. Ms Williams won with 12,201 votes – more than six times as many.
Now he has switched parties, however, Mr Price is in with a much better chance of defeating Wales’ top Lib Dem. In May’s general election, the Conservatives won Brecon & Radnorshire from the Lib Dems’ former MP Roger Williams with a comfortable majority of 5,102.
Asked what had changed from his point of view since he joined Plaid Cymru in 2010 saying Plaid offered the best set of policies for Powys, Mr Price said: “I don’t want to talk about the past – I want to talk about the future. People have seen through the Liberal Democrats and want a change. I am the only candidate saying I would not prop up a failing Labour government at Cardiff Bay.”
Maybe  this says more about the Tories lack of confidence in wining Brecon and Radnor that they have gone for a Plaid defector rather than an established party member . I bet La Pasionaria (Kirsty Wiliams) is shaking in her boots

Probably more worrying is the report that 

A former Plaid Cymru council candidate has rejected a Labour MP’s claim that she “lied” when registering as a Labour supporter to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the party’s leadership election.
Esther Nagle, who stood unsuccessfully for Plaid in Ystrad Rhondda in 2012 said she was no longer a Plaid member, although remained a supporter of the party and its anti-austerity stance.
Rhondda Labour MP Chris Bryant said it was clear from her recent tweets that Ms Nagle remained a Plaid supporter and she had therefore lied when registering as a Labour supporter.

Whether this comes about from  Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman ordering  Labour MPs to check their membership lists for infiltrators is unclear but its interesting

  Aug 7
So refuses to deny that she is still Plaid member (former candidate) yet has registered for a vote in Labour leadership.
taken place through a private conversation rather than accusation on Twitter.This is not how an MP should treat a constituent
Ms Nagle said

: “I was appalled to log in to Twitter a couple of days ago to find that Chris Bryant, my MP, had decided to broadcast my decision to register to vote in the Labour leadership contest, and to publicly accuse me of being a liar.
"This was an infringement of my right to privacy. I am no longer a member of Plaid Cymru, having allowed my membership to lapse some time ago, although I still very much support Plaid Cymru.
"I have chosen to register to take part in the Labour leadership contest as I have been appalled to see the Labour leadership move ever more to the right, allowing Tory policies to pass against the interests of the majority of the people of this country.
 With news that Corbyn set to win on the first round according to sensational YouGov LAB leadership poll it may lead to more concern to Plaid that spotters on the Left may not just temporally   sign  up to Labour but join .

But where will levae Chris Bryant maybe like Gary Price he wil become an enthusiastic Corbynitre and say he sees no contradiction in his political position.

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  1. let's face it if esther nagle was a supporter of kendall or cooper the ultra blairite bryant wouldnt have gone running to the media with this.

    yes it is interesting that some plaid supporters appear to be swept up in 'corbynmania' - the same thing seems to be going on among some greens. which is odd when you consider that in people like leanne wood and natalie bennett these parties are already led by people as progressive as jeremy is.