Thursday, 20 August 2015

Ukip send Englishman to tell Welsh Polticians they are out of touch.

It is rather indicative of a party like Ukip to claim that it other parties are out of touch with ordinary people when they are actualy even more remote.

For instance  Mark Reckless th Englishman who lives there  and who is  spearheading Ukip’s campaign for the Assembly next year says most voters don’t want to see Wales getting the same powers as Scotland.

Mark Reckless, who is drawing up the party’s manifesto for the May elections, says the Cardiff Bay establishment sees devolution as “something that is about them”.

The head of Ukip’s policy development, in comments to the BBC, said Ukip accept devolution but said he didn’t understand why a consensus had grown over devolving income tax without a referendum first.

The former MP for Rochester & Strood said that “most people in Wales” did not want to see more powers devolved along the lines of the Scottish model, the BBC reported.

“There seems to be a distance from what I describe as the Cardiff Bay establishment and just people I speak to on the doorstep in Wales,” he said.
“They’re out of touch with voters. And I think part of that is the Cardiff Bay establishment sees devolution as something that’s about them and about their powers and their importance.”
Mr Reckless suggested there should be a referendum before the National Assembly gets powers over income tax.
“We don’t want to see taxes raised and I don’t think there’s any burning desire from people in Wales to be paying yet more tax than people in England,”.
“I don’t understand why there’s such a consensus in the Cardiff Bay establishment that that’s the way to go, having promised that that wouldn’t happen back in 2011 (when the last devolution referendum was held),”
Now its not Ukip arguing against devolving Tax they have every right to do so its bringing someone in from outside Wales that I find objectable.

and this is not because Mr Reckless is English it is because he doesn't live here and will not be voting next year and live under that decision .

If he was Welsh born but did not live here I would still object.

Its not only Welsh Nationalist who find this ridiculous .

Montgomeryshires Tory MP writing in his blog  "A View From Rural Wales" wrote .

 If UKIP did not publish a single leaflet, or issue a single press release, I'd expect the party to do quite well in next year's Welsh Assembly elections. They won't win any 'constituency seats', but the additional member PR system is likely to deliver a few 'regional member' seats. As watching the party's election guru in Wales, Mark Reckless, on TV today, I conclude that the biggest threat to a decent UKIP result is the party itself. I just cannot see how a man of Kent, about as unWelsh as you can imagine, crossing Offa's Dyke to tell us how we should vote will help at all.

Just imagine Ukip sending an Englishman from South of the Boarder running the Scottish Parliamentary campaign.

Actually I could  .

It could be deliberately provocative  Ukip have no chance of getting a MSP next here and maybe would like to exploit the idea of Politicians there being Anti-English".

It may be the tactic that they  are applying here hoping that it can gather votes from people not born in Wales and stil see themselves as English.

Or Ukip may think we wil be shy about  criticising  " a man of Kent, about as unWelsh as you can imagine, crossing Offa's Dyke to tell us how we should vote".

We should not be shy about pointing out that Mr Reckless has no connection with Wales and the objections simply that its not Anti-English ts Anti-Outside Interference .

It is maybe ironic in that it comes from a party that makes much of its objection to perceived interference from Brussels.


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  1. Well I'm Welsh and I object to the cosy self serving consensus down the Bay .

    I also object to seeing a question on the ballot paper in the referendum for greater powers in 2011 that specifically said a Yes vote will not result in tax powers being conferred.

    Or words to that effect. So of course there has to be a further referendum if income tax powers are to be considered. The tax statement should never have been allowed to be included in the ballot question. As it was now it has to be honoured with a further referendum because it was.

    As a Welshman I also comment on affairs at Westminster and Scotland if I wish and have no problem with English or Scottish people commenting on wales if they wish.

    Whether I agree with those comments or wish to debate them are another matter.

    Don't be so precious and thin skinned!