Monday, 24 August 2020

Plaid need to ensure their Regional Lists Candidates are strong.

 As the Parties in Wales face selecting  candidates for next years Senedd Election , for Plaid Cymru in particular the selection and ranking for the list of candidates for regional  seats become a bit more important than usual.

If the Party is to make a breakthrough in the election then at the moment , then the are probably a maximum of  8 seats they can realistically win on the constituency level.

This means they must win an exceptional number of seats on the Regional lists , which in reality it is probably impossible to win more than two seats in the Region making a total of Ten.

But all the parties need to consider , having what is effectively a strong substitute bench.

During the last Assembly/Senedd there were four such substitutions.

Michelle Brown (Ukip) for Nathan Gill North Wales who had resigned.

Helen Mary Jones (Plaid Cymru) for Simon Thomas Mid and West Wales who had resigned (in disgrace).

Delyth Jewell for Steffan Lewis (Plaid Cymru) South Wales East  who had died 

Laura Jones for Mohammad Asghar (Conservative) South Wales East, who had died.

On top of that Niel McEvoy Plaid Cymru has been expelled by the party and as for the 7 Ukip regional members only Neil Hamilton remains in the Party after a multitude of Waka Jumping from his colleagues  see here.

So the chances of someone who is third on the regional list ending up in the senedd before 2016 election is not completely remote.

 In the South Wales Central probably to the  rage of the "Areshole of the North"  if Leanne Wood decides to put herself forward for the South Wales Central  seat as well as the Rhondda Constituency , two more formidable female candidates Fflur Elin and Helydd Fychan have put their names forward .

It could be all thre win  Leanne (Rhondda) Helydd Fychan (Pontypridd) and Flur Elin (Regional Seat).

f this happens it will be a good night for Plaid  not only in the result but in the quality of their AMs.


dafis said...

Surely you mean to say "Plaid needs to ensure that its candidates for ALL seats are strong". Too many of the candidates in past elections, some eventually successful,have had the look of grey men or women about them. Very conformist, politically correct and reluctant to rock any boats. They need to remember that Westminster may be the main enemy but here in Wales the incumbent governing alliance are enjoying a long period of getting off lightly just cos they ain't Tories ! and that is a scandal.

This lightweight colonialist regime may be called Labour with a dash of LibDem but it seems far more concerned with keeping its masters in London happy than advancing the conditions of its own country.Plaid has been its comfort blanket far too often and that role needs to be dumped for the good of our country.

Anonymous said...

HMMM., I remember Plaid's gender policy denying a seat to Dafydd Wigley in favour of Janet Ryder. Shrewd.

glynbeddau said...

On c'mon Wigley was going to win a constituency seat anyway. But the fact is that that the promotion of Women candidates has encouraged Women to put them forward in recent years and has led to 2021 seen outstanding female candidates Carrie Harper, Delyth Jewel and Helydd Buchan to name three.