Thursday, 13 August 2020

English MPs could easily vote for an English independenve referendum .

 I’m not convinced there is a case for an England-only parliament,” he said in comments reported by the National. “We have an England-only parliament. It’s Westminster. It’s been there for a long time. I’m not disposed to create another parliament.”

Boris Johnson 30th June  2019

The above quote makes an important point  when considering the legitimacy of the 2021 Scottish Parliament  with a majority of Independence minded MSP even a SNP majority calling a second Independence referendum without the authority of Westminster.

If English MPs ever wanted to end the Union then could easily do so solely by the numbers of  English MPs

Under David Cameron's English Voted fo English Laws (EVEL) , other parts of the UK would have no say and it would be solely the English Parliaments choice even if it wasn't conducted under EVEL , they would be y sheer weight of numbers push any legesaltion for English Independence through , should they choose to do so.

But no matter if the whole of the Scottish Parliament even with an electoral mandate wanted a Second Independence referendum in 20121 Westminster and English MPs could still block it.

OK its a very unlikely scenario but the fact that it is possible  show 's how unequal the "Precious Union" is. 

English MPs can and  should have the right to decide their Nations future ,  so why can't the other legislatures have the same right?

We can only look to Catalonia where such arrogance leads in denying  an Independence referendum.

Scotland may not want to go down that road , but if it does all democratically  minded people should support it.

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