Friday, 14 August 2020

Exam "fiasco" has laid bare our class led educational system.

As I said only afew days ago the fact that  It looks like all thl legislators in the UK are facing questions over "botched"  estimates which have resulted in thousands if exam results  being down graded.

The fact that it started in Scotland , should have warned other  political parties to be careful in their criticism as they wpuld follow suit.

The Tories have insisted they deleted a tweet criticising Nicola Sturgeon over the Scottish exams results fiasco because of a spelling mistake - not because they were trying to dodge criticism for their own results debacle. 

The Scottish Conservatives had claimed the SNP leader had “presided over one of the biggest scandals in the history of devolution” in the days before her administration performed a U-turn over results decided by a “biased” computer algorithm that disproportionately hit poorer young people

With the results in England  showing an even worse bias  Labour leader Keir Starmer hit out at the eleventh hour changes, calling it “shambolic”.

But hang on the results in Wales were even worse and although it was overseen by a Liberal Democrat  (the only one in the Senedd), Labour are the Party in control in the Welsh Senedd

Thanks to Munguins New Republic.
Thanks to Munguin's New Republic.

The  question now is not however who got it wrong , but how did they get it wrong  and what they are going to do with it.

Credit to the Scottish Greens  who helped John Swinney the Education Secretary survived a no confidence motion - only the fourth in Holyrood history - after he agreed to scrap a system that last week saw 75,000 teenagers have crucial National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher grades arbitrarily downgraded.

The reversal was enough to win the backing of the Scottish Greens, whose votes along with SNP MSPs saw the no confidence motion defeated by a margin of 67 votes to 58.

The  Greens have confirmed that Mr Swinney agreed to everything they asked for in exchange for support.

The hypocrisy of the Tories , Labour and Liberal Democrats in their , attack on Mr Swinney and the SNP  government has been astounding.

There is no doubt they had a strong case , but if Mr Swinney faced being in the Dock he should have been joined  by the Education Ministers from all the other UK legislators.

However this debacle has  exposed a system that has been in existence ever since  Grammar Schools  t were structural problems within the testing process that underpinned the eleven plus which meant it tended to result in secondary modern schools being overwhelmingly dominated by the children of poor and working-class parents, while grammar schools were dominated by the children of wealthier middle-class parents.

Indeed there aer claims that there were quotas which were higher for Schools from more affluent areas, resulting in poorer families loosing out.

Indeed where affluent families can afford to pay for private tuition it's hard to judge the success or failure of some schools , where the results may depend on the parents ability to pay for additional teaching.

I doubt a form of positive description , would  solve the problem. howver we need to ensure  no student should ever lose out because of a "Post Code Lottery" or the financial circumstances of thier parents.


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