Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Welsh First Minister does not want to Stand Up For Wales.

It is extraordinary that as we approach the very real possibility of a No-Deal Brexit , the First Minister appears not to have formulated any policy or approach to preventing it or what to do if it happens. 
The Wasting Mule reports that
"More than 60 Welsh MPs, AMs and other pro-EU campaign leaders have today published an open letter to First Minister Mark Drakeford, urging him to press the UK Government and the Labour leadership to back a new referendum.
They say the “paralysis” and “chaos” at Westminster poses “a severe threat to the people, economy and communities of Wales” and a new referendum is “the only way out of the Parliamentary impasse”.

The open letter is backed by several Welsh Labour backbenchers at Westminster, including Owen Smith and Stephen Doughty, plus Plaid Cymru’s four MPs, 13 backbench AMs drawn from the Plaid and Labour groups, including the Plaid leader Adam Price, as well as the leaders of five local authorities in Wales.
It has also been supported by the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Jane Dodds, the leader of the Wales Green Party, Anthony Slaughter, and the chairman of Wales for Europe, Geraint Talfan Davies, as well as representatives of 16 local “for Europe” groups that now cover every local authority area in Wales.
It also has the backing of the former Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan and Hywel Ceri Jones, a former senior EU official and a member of the Welsh Government’s European Advisory Group.
The letter is designed to increase the pressure from Wales on both the UK Government and Labour’s UK leadership, following recent polls that show an overwhelming majority amongst Labour supporters and voters for a new referendum".
 Mark Drakeford said he anticipates his government’s advice on the EU ‘would not have changed’
However despite saying d his government could campaign to stay in the EU if the matter was put again to the public in a new referendum.and he would support a fresh poll it remains conditional on Theresa May’s deal failing to pass MPs, and no election happening.
We know that his leader in Westminster shares the same Brexit line as Theresa May and if Jeremy Corbyn was to win a General Election, we would be in exactly the same position as before March 29.
Thats even assuming we could hold a General Election in a tight schedule before March 29 and the formation of a new cabinet that could go to Brussels and work out a deal assuming Corbyn actually has one in mind.
But what ever happens out Assembly needs leadership in the coming months and for years afterwards as we face up to the implications Remaining, accepting Mrs May's Deal or a No-Deal.
What is clear is that whatever scenario we face and who ever leads Labour in the Assembly. they are not prepared to fight for Wales in the same way Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP government will do so for Scotland.

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