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Nigel Cobner resigns from Plaid Cymru.

The news that Nigel Copner has resigned from Plaid Cymru  is both regrettable and interesting .

At the last general Election Mr Copner produced the biggest swing in any seat and came close to producing one of the biggest shocks in Welsh politics ever.

Elections in the 2010s

Welsh Assembly Election 2016: Blaenau Gwent[1]
LabourAlun Davies8,44239.7−24.3
Plaid CymruNigel Copner7,79236.6+31.2
UKIPKevin Boucher3,42316.1+16.1
ConservativeTracey West1,3346.3+1
Liberal DemocratsBrendan D'Cruz3001.4−0.4
Labour holdSwing−28.0ulling off the bigest shock in the histiry of Welsh O

Last July he resigned as  treasurer for Plaid Cymru hciting threats made before his local constituency party declared support for one of Leanne Wood's leadership rivals.

But now  he has resigned from the Party  fully making this statement
As you are aware a small team within Blaenau Gwent put their heart and soul into the local election for Plaid. We achieved the biggest shift in Plaid history for the assembly elections and increased westminster vote by a factor of 3.Plaid appeared to be team that would put the interests of the welsh people first and ensure democracy and honesty persists.I was wrong. The key points of reservation that I have include:

1. Independence- Welsh independence is not currently economically viable and pushing for this at this time loses the party credibility. I am in favour of fighting for Wales but this full independence position is highly foolish at this time. Transform the economy, transform peoples prospects then maybe but the people must decide.
 It does seem peculiar to see a Plaid Candidate not fighting for independence though I can accept the "not now" argument and indeed I have long looked  at r devolution using the Traws Cuambria bus journey as an analogy.  A journey in which some may wish to leve the bus before reaching the final destination , but I wonder if Nigel wants to begin the journey at all.

2. The position of the party has been fully against brexit and against the wishes of the voters. Of course brexit is concerning but the starting point should have been to support all attempts to make brexit work. If it brexit looks damaging, as it does now, then it is reasonable to go back to the people. I now believe a peoples vote is probably the best course of action but thats now!
All parties are split over Brexit  and Plaid are probably no different , From my reading of Plaid it does seem that they have always been prepared to accept the referendum result but the Hard Brexit  of Prime Minister May and indeed Jeremy Corbyn has led them tom the same conclusion as Nigel earlier.

3. Many of the decisions within plaid lack any due diligence and are democratically deficient!!!! I could list these off. However, the net result so far is that the party is NOT determined to win despite how much they say they are. However difficult, one needs to make those decisions that really do create the focus and drive to break through. There is a serious disconnect between what is said and the decisions.
There are other issues which I could list ie discipline and victimisation issues etc. Currently as many of you are aware I am extremely busy and to spend time and even more time with a party that does not really want to win is clearly foolish.
This I can't comment on I am not a Plaid member  and internal battles are up to Party Members.
Therefore it is with a very heavy heart that I have resigned from the party.
Despite the critical issues with the party it has been a pleasure to talk with many of you and to have received your support in such numbers. It remains my firm position to support our community in the best possible way through the University, circuit of wales etc and to deal with individual cases as best I can. Maybe Plaid will finally listen and change- one hopes.
Blaenau Gwent deserves far more!
Thank you for your support.
Yours most sincerely

Prof Nigel J Copner

Some may ask why Prof Coper has chosen this moment to resign? 

It comes days after Delyth  Jewell was chosen tom replace the late Steffan Lewis as the list member for South  Wales East.

She was second on the Party list  where Prof Cobner was third and although understand, not unconstitutional to chose another candidate it is the convention.

The choice of Ms Jewell  was met with scorn by the likes of Jac O' the North and his supporters

Including this comment on his Blog who seems to be complaining about criticism of the blessed Jac in the same way a wasp cries after being stung by a bee.

Anon.Seems Ms Jewel was second on the list and Mr Copner third on the list to replace the sadly lost Wales south east Plaid cymru A M. Ms Jewel was second on the list at the insistence of the central party not any local democratic selection process. Mr Copner, who ran a brilliant campaign in Blaenau Gwent and almost won the seat might have made a better AM than Ms Jewel. He certainly has a lot of support and potential votes in the south east. The rules say the next in line gets to replace a vacancy, but, they could have been put aside in the interest of the nation and party. Ms Jewel was publicised as the replacement in an insensitive manner before the funeral of the late A M. Mr Copner has left Plaid Cymru in disgust at his treatment by Plaid Cymru.
Prehaps Anon  may reconsider their point when they see one of the reasons Prof. Cobner  ids that does not support Independence now, something Jac and Ein Gwlad claim Plaid are not fighting for enough.

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Leigh Richards said...

I don't know Mr Copner and have no axe to grind in any of this but given plaid exists to secure independence for wales it's rather odd that he not only became a plaid assembly candidate but that he also became the party treasurer. Think the least plaid can do of a candidate or a senior party official is ask them.. er do you support the reason we exist as a party? ie to secure independence for Wales.

Course you can also reasonably ask why Nigel Copner would join plaid in the first place if he didn't support plaid's fundamental aim? Furthermore he would have known when he joined plaid that it's been a long standing policy of the party that one of the top two on their regionalist list must be female. And when you take into account his views on Brexit also being at variance with plaid's position I feel bound to ask are there any of plaid's positions and policies nigel copner actually agreed with?

All in all then it's clearly the best thing all round he's quit the party - particularly as in recent times he was posting items on social media about migrants and refugees you'd expect to see from a ukip candidate.