Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Brexit is being dictated by DUP bigots. It must be stopped.

Just imagine what the English Media would make if the four Plaid Cymru MPs  or  Thirty Five SNP MPs had done a deal  with the Tories in the same way the DUP had and influenced the whole of the Brexit debate , to the extent that although the UK was to leave the European Union, but would stay in the Customs Union and single Market.

Well of course we have.

Even the Guardian had a headline before the 2015 General Election

"General election attack ad campaign suggesting Labour leader is controlled by SNP firebrand shows that gloves have come off in run up to general election""

Ed Miliband is depicted as being in Alex Salmond's pocket.

Now consider the power the DUP have at a time of the biggest political crisis that face the Westminster Parliament in which a far right  sectarian part has more power simply by backing Mrs May government not in a coalition but largely as long as May makes sure Northern Ireland , leaves the European Union on the same terms as the restof the UK, even if this means a Hard Brexirt or No Deal  and and a customs boarder with the Irish Republic.

The DUP indeed have a unique position because the Northern Ireland Assembly does not currently meat and to some extent Sinn Féin not sending their elected MPs to Westminster, Arlene Fosters band of bigots are virtually the only voice we hear from the six counties despite opinion polls that suggest if they have thier way then support for an United Ireland will soar
DatePolling organisation/clientYesNoUndecided/No intention to voteLead
December 2018LucidTalk48%48%4%0%
September 2018OFOC52%39%9%13%
June 2018Lord Ashcroft44%49%7%5%
June 2018NILT22%55%22%[59]33%
June 2018YouGov42%45%13%3%
May 2018ICM21%50%29%[60]29%
December 2017Lucid Talk48%45%7%3%
October 2017Lucid Talk34%55%10%21%
July 2017ESRC27%52%21%25%
September 2016LucidTalk28%61%11%33%
September 2016Ipsos Mori22%63%15%[61]41%
January 2013Ipsos Mori17%65%17%[62]48%

Mrs May claims she will speak to other parties , but it is clear that whilst she will meet with Plaid, SNP Greens and Liberal Democrats she will not actually listen. indeed Corbyn's refusal to meet her may well be the right approach.

Instead she turns back to a Part that is prepared tom see Northern Ireland  burn, to preserve a Unionist and sectarian hegemony in the six counties.

The only option if we are not to see such a disaster that a No Deal or a DUP led Brexit is to first extend Article 50 and seek a mandate from the electorate with a second referendum  on whether to accept any government deal and that includes  Corbyn becoming PM or the option of Remain.

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