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Unionist Corbyn pours cold water on Federalist plans.

It is interesting that  that Labour, who it is remembered originally supported Hpme Rule All-round  at least until Ireland gained Independence when it was quite dropped to be replaced with outright opposition have been musing over Fedralism

The Blog Thinking Wales – Meddwl Cymru tells us that

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for a “radical federal” UK in a recent interview with The Herald, marking a change of policy for the Labour Party. McDonnell’s calls have come amid renewed talk of a potential second referendum on Scottish independence and Labour’s attempt to win back supporters in Scotland in light of the party falling further and further behind in one of its former heartlands. Labour is losing ground to the Tories in the constitutional debate in Scotland and needs to offer a convincing argument to the Scottish people in order to win back support. But where does Wales fit in to this plan? Considering calls for federalism from Welsh Labour have been ignored in the past, it is questionable whether the implications on Wales have been thought through.
They note that

 Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones has been calling for a “constitutional convention” for a few years, but as noted by David Moon in 2014 when Ed Miliband was leader, it largely fell on deaf ears within the Labour Party hierarchy. In a speech in 2014 Carwyn Jones called for federalism in order to enable “unity while guaranteeing diversity” and to strike “the best balance between national citizenship and local flexibility”. His calls have become stronger since the Brexit vote due to talk of a second Scottish independence referendum. A federal UK would mean Wales would not be “an annexe to England…We don’t have to have independence – there is a way to ensure there is some sort of federation, or some sort of agreement”. Maybe Carwyn Jones has finally got through to John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn; but it is more than likely that this move is a way to win back Scotland to the Labour Party cause.
Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale's has also called for call for a new 'Act of Union'.

Which begs the Question, Why has  this surfaced now when Labour have failed to give Wles even parity with Scotland and have  dome their best to avoid Scotland gaining more powers?

Well i suppose we can give credit to Ms Dugdale 

At a speech to the IPPR in London, she  claimed her plan would “save” the Union.
She said: 
“I believe a new federal UK, with a strong Scotland able to carry forward a significant relationship with Europe, is what people across Scotland have voted for. It goes far to meet the dual mandates of the Scottish people, and gives us the best possible protection for our jobs and our economy.
“That is why on the first day of our party conference in Perth in February, I will ask the Scottish Labour Party to back this vision for a new Act of Union to establish a federal UK. This will restate Scottish Labour’s belief in the United Kingdom as a redistributive union and set a bold and radical new direction for Scotland and the UK.”
Ms Dugdale added: “There can no longer be any doubt that the UK – and everything that progressives are fighting for – is in peril.
“The Tories are to blame for that, and Ruth Davidson must never be allowed to forget that it is her party that nurtured the divisions that Nicola Sturgeon thrives upon.
“Our Union must be saved. We must heal our divided society. It is only Labour that can do that.”

Still there still a place for Old Fashioned Labour Unionism in the guise  of  Jeremy Corbyn who slapped down  Kezia Dugdale proposed a federal structure for the UK last month in a bid to end the constitutional wrangling across the country and stave off the threat of independence.

The UK Labour leader took issue with the MSP’s choice of words in an interview with the BBC.
Mr Corbyn agreed with Ms Dugdale in saying there needs to be a convention to investigate alternative constitutional arrangements.
But he added: “I would not use the words new Act of Union.”
The Islington North MP also said there is no need for a second independence referendum and questioned whether the devolution of immigration powers to Holyrood is possible.
Mr Corbyn said: 
“There is a huge issue about regional government across England, and there is a need to have a discussion about the relative powers in Scotland, in Wales and in Northern Ireland of devolved assemblies.”
A spokesman for Scottish Labour said: “Kezia Dugdale has proposed a new Act of Union, to strengthen our union across the whole of the UK for generations to come.” 

 So I suspect thet Labour Strategy will see their UK  Manifesto cal for a convention but give no preference for what they would like to see

In Scotland declare their support for a Federal  UK but do not attempt to make waves with their  London Masters

In Wales also support a Convention but make no new calls for more powers et alone parity with Scotland.

But if Labour think that the establishment of a Convention will end the Independence Question  they are mistaken and Federalism will only be a stopgap  until Scotland realised power still lies with an English Majority.

Or Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland MPs had a veto in the Federal Parliament was "weighed" denying English Members a majority would be acceptable East and South of the Welsh and Scottish Boarders.

The Union is coming to an end what we in Wales face is the choice of being an annex of England or join Scotland as a Independent European Nation,

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